BeBook NEO – User Manual – FEB – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. bebook neo battery replacement BeBook. The online manual doesn’t say anything about replacement, nor is a battery compartment outline. NEO HAS A WACOM TOUCH PANEL. USE THE SUPPLIED STYLUS TO OPERATE ON THE TOUCH PANEL., ro.) o. BeBook Neo. USB cabte. User Manual.

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Add a bookmark 1. This means you can double the original font size twice. Can I optimise my pdf files for the BeBook? For example, if you have a BeBook Neo you would go to mybebook.

Bebook Neo Manuals

This will be a feature in the future. The time zone setting is very important for DRM functionalities.

If the key is nwo being used as a You select a string from the texts of current screen, then the translation or explanation of this string displays on the content view. Verify that your device is supported by the ebook store.

Some of these terms reference each other, so just look elsewhere in this list for the explanation of terms in italics. Y our BeBook screen displays the bookshelf interface, and you can select and read the books stored on the SD card.

Rather ironic that the cutting edge of reading actually leads one to re-examine the old classics that you may normally ignore.

For the conversion and transfer management, you simply must install Calibre from [ W hen a page of text is displayed, press and hold 6 to display a list of all the bookmarks you have set. This security is ebbook by book publishers because they want to protect their copyrights. Bookmarks Bookmarks You can bookmark up to five pages.


Product disposal instructions Products that include the WEEE [The Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment] symbol, shown below, should not be placed in the normal household rubbish, but should be disposed of using the appropriate WEEE nneo facility. Most of the problems that they complain about have been fixed in later revisions of the Bebook firmware, i.

I neeo a bbeook number from the manufacturer and returned it to them in its original box within another box. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. For example, doing a hard reset is helpful if your BeBook quits responding, you cannot get your BeBook to come out of sleep mode, or if a content causes the BeBook Neo to freeze. Think AvantGo on the Palmpilot. Now black and white are supported. Menu Button, Progress Bar to show progress in a book or progress in loading a website and battery status.

In most cases, you really do need to do what you are being told to do. This page works best with JavaScript.

BeBook Neo User Manual

Different books may date, copyright, price etc. U se the keys to open the page number you want and press OK. You should also be able to find this information on the website for the device. I bought this purely because since getting connected to the net 2 years ago was a full on luddite prior to that and refused to buy a PC I have almost stopped reading altogether and I thought this would be a good way of reconnecting with that.

Cleaning Do not use chemical solvent to clean the surface of the product. Warranty Your BeBook is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Jung Unfortunately an app version for android is not yet available.

If you press the wrong number key, press Exit to delete the last digit. Bookmarks You can bookmark up to five pages. W hen the Settings menu is displayed, press 2 to display the language options.


One of the problems with the standard firmware is that it does not include access to the official Android Nfo from Google. This should appeal to those who like classics as most are now free on line and I will say that this has meant that I have read many books that I would not have bought. You can create an Adobe ID here. To remove bevook SD card, push it in until you hear a click. Ota Functionalities DRMed contents. It is the method by which ebooks are protected from being distributed freely to others.

T o select a title from the bookshelf page, press a key Most of the operations to BeBook Neo can be done by accessing the menu.

It seems like some are only available for a limited time, as a promotional effort by authors or publishers. W hen a text page of a book is displayed, press OK to open the menu.

:Customer reviews: BeBook-eBook Reader

When I bought it prices were comparable. You can download it here: Page of Go. It is far to expensive, and cheap looking for it’s price. I agree with comments from both those whom love and those whom loathe it. Before you sketch benook ideas on your BeBook Neo, a dialog pops up letting you select the background of notes, as shown in Fig.

Bebook E-READER User Manual

You do not need a software package. The WiFi configuration dialog pops up after you decide to return a borrowed book the WiFi is only opened when it is necessary. Open Existing Notes x