Options for AX Servo Drives. Encoder option cards for AX The AX Servo Drive series supports a large number of feedback interfaces via the. Documentation. AX – Diagnostic messages. Version: Date: .. D, Safety card active, AX in the safe condition. Servo Drive AX ( A – 40 A). Please read this document carefully before installing and commissioning the servo drive. Version:

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This significantly reduces the inventory management effort ad5000 the machine manufacturer and minimises the risk of damage through incorrect mains connection. The total current is relevant for the device utilisation.

Beckhoff Digital Compact Servo Drives AX | AX | System properties

Diagnostic and parameter display The AX features a backlit, two-line plain text display. The AX features a backlit, two-line plain neckhoff display. Control is performed via EtherCAT; no further wiring is required:.

Possible applications include precise referencing and measurement processes or print mark control. For Servo Drives up to a rated current of 40 A, the AX59xx AX bridge enables the simple and fast connection of several AX units to form a multi-axis system by means of plug-in supply and connection modules.

The AXx supply module is simply snapped onto the Servo Drive. The system consists of:. The option cards are inserted in the second option slot on top of the AX, offering the possibility to connect one or two further encoders, depending on the version.


The brake module enables external braking resistors with a continuous output up to 6 kW to be connected, making extreme applications possible.

Beckhoff Options AX

Integration of safety functions Optional cards are available for different safety categories: The 24 V DC supply of the AX has two channels so that separate power supplies can bsckhoff used for control electronics and brake control. In multi-axis systems the overall braking capacity of all braking resistors is available. Optimised for multi-axis applications The AXBridge becohoff enables simple and fast connection to several AX devices with a multi-axis system through pluggable feed and connection modules: Wide voltage range The AX can be connected to a wide range of voltage systems worldwide without additional components, including 1 x V AC, for the Japanese market or 3 x V AC for North America, for example.

The specially developed heat sink enables fanless operation of the AX through natural convection of up to 2 beeckhoff 3 A rated current. For the integration of further feedback systems the controllers can be equipped with encoder option cards from hardware revision 2 onwards.

This display enables fast device diagnosis and maintenance on site. It enables fast installation and commissioning.

Digital Compact Servo Drives AX5000

The AX enables a scalable, wide range motor current measurement with high-resolution measuring range specification. In two-channel devices the axis identifier is also displayed.

No further circuits are necessary for this, such as circuit breakers or contactors in the supply lines or special external encoder systems. Encoder option cards for AX51xx AX This enables an economic energy balancing between bevkhoff. For two-channel devices AX the channel current is adjustable between 1…9 A. Almost all feedback systems and motor types are supported.


Encoder option cards For the integration of further feedback systems the controllers can be equipped with encoder option cards from hardware revision 2 onwards. Controlled system stop in the event of power failure A power failure can lead to uncontrolled run-out of drive beckhkff, which means that linear axes or lifting axes would hit the limit stop unbraked.

TC Drive Manager

Navigation buttons enable simple and convenient operation of the diagnostic display. No additional shielding is required for the mains cable.

An asynchronous motor with a rated current of 3 A and a linear motor with a rated current of 9 A can be operated with a 2 x 6 A Servo Drive, for example. Devices with higher output feature integrated, temperature-controlled ventilation.

One highlight of the AX series is the dual power section that enables operation of two motors with the same or different current within a single Servo Drive. In combination, the AXx and AXx modules ebckhoff fast installation and commissioning. A 6 A amplifier can control a 1 A motor without loss of measuring resolution.