Bhugola varnanam by sri vadiraja tirtha maharaja in Sanskrit. found at http://www. To make clear the conecpt and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described In Bhugola Varnanam by Sri. Bhugola Varnanam – An ancient book on Puranic Cosmology

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The earth is plentiful with all kinds of plant life and holy forests, crowded with the hermitages of ‘munis’ sages. Around it is the “Salmala dvipa, four lakh yojanas in width and the ‘Sura Samudra’ of wine-like watersof the same width, spreads around it. When the Kuran and the Bible are also said to be revelations, there must be truth in conside- ring them as such.

The entire earth is surrounded by the land of gold – “Hema bhumi’, along with the adjoining land of diamond – ‘Vajralepa’. Ramchandra Rao, in his inaugu- ral address delivered at the said seminar under the benign presidentship of Sri A. Our branding of our ancient scientific thought as unscientific amounts to such an attitude Sri V.

Bhugola Varnanam

In the Rig Veda there is only one hymn addressed directly to Vishnu; it is nonetheless crucial to the discovery that the Line of Ten Avatars originated in the Vedic Age and not later. Body here means the non-material body.

It is double barnanam width of the ocean of brackish waters two lakh yojanas. But the position of the sun with reference to the constellations will be just 1 degree behind. Sri Badarayana murthy’s attempt to make Sri Vadiraja swamy’s Bhugola Vamanam palatable to scientists too is quite laudable.

They are incorrigible, veteren sinners, whose perverted knowledge Mithya jnana makes them so. Theii religion is for them and your religion is for you. Geological proof goes thoroughly against it. Therefore, he says, that the sun’s chariot has a wheel of its own apart from the main wheel of the Kala Cakra which is meant to take the entire mechanism with it.

For example, his translation of the Vishnu praises helped to bring about one of the most important breakthroughs contributing to this updating process.


Bhugola Varnanam Badarayana Murthy

The third, it has precession. Mukhya Prana, the would-be Brahma, carries on the function of respiration in the spiritual bodies of the other souls, who are awaiting further courses of trai- ning for liberation. It is the Will of God that orders the events of the universe. No unreleased soul can ever cross it.

Full text of “Bhugola Varnanam”

This is history of the period of the famous Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagar. Attempting bhugila gain all the required knowledge through scientific methods and to gather all happiness by means of scientific gadgets is nothing but a wild goose chase.

It is for this reason that Sri “Suka Maharsi said in Srlmad Bhagavatam that the twelve muhurta concept should not be applied to months other than ‘Tula 1 Libra and ‘Mesa’ Aries. If only to inform the average readers who may not be familiar with Brahma- sutras and the Upanifads, we may ask them to refer to the 16th chapter of Vqrnanam where souls are clearly branded as belonging to the byugola group and the demoniac group; and it is natural that there should be a middling group, neither fully divine, nor fully demoniac.

These details are found in Vamana purana. To be truthful, all this is due to the curse of Sage Gautama and the onset of the Kali Age.

It is populated by Siddhas the highly quali- fied souls.

It’s thickness is crore yojanas. Is it not something to wonder at? They are the works of a single Maharshi of that name and they were composed during the early part of Dwaparayuga.

The wondrous part of it is that he was just known generally as a great saint and the greatest scholar of Madhva sastra during his life time; but, sometime after he entered his brndavan Samadhi having no tryst with death at the ripest age ofhe entered the body of a born-dumb brahmin with his spiritual part, and dictated his autobiography such that people might believe his words.

Even when the demons are there in God’s belly, they suffer pains so natural to their own non-material bodies – sore-eyes, headache, stomach pain and also different kinds of bodily and mental illness.


These mountains are each yojanas wide and 10, yojanas high.

My thanks are also due to my friend and well-wisher, Dr. That is east for Indians. Similarly, there are other seven envelopes, each ten times thicker bhugolw its inner complement. The Verse quoted tells us how Brahman is inside and outside everything and every- one without being contaminated. These painful experiences are referred to as ‘Panca Kasta” five-fold torture affecting the sense organs – hearing hurtful varrnanam, seeing horrible weapons, smelling nasty things, torture suffered by the taste of hot liquids, and suffering cuts by sharp weapons.

Sri Madhwacharya has indicated that there are hundreds of ways in understanding the meanings of the puranas and, without ghugola them, one cannot get at the heart of puranas. They are there only to torment the sun and the moon. But the suffering demons of that region are taken up into the belly of Sri Hari who rests on the banyan 61 leaf like an innocent child.

PURANIC COSMOLOGY UPDATED: Puranic Cosmology Updated 12

The two being different in brilliance, how can the scientist distinguish them precisely? It is at an altitude of 16,25,00, yojanas above the earth. From the commencement of the regime of Adi Manu it is ,29, years upto A. Similarly, “‘Sani 1 Saturn takes two years to touch each successive constellation behind. However, their spiritual presence in the planets is negligible.

This phantacy is indeed fantastic. They serve Sri Ramadevi who worships her Lord Kamadeva with ‘mantras’ of which she is the life spirit and the meanings of which she is fully aware. In bhgola middle part runs the Manasottara mountain ring brightening all directions. But one is left out and it involves the Scorpio connection.

Varnamam, they are historical personages. The same Lord Narayana is also in our fore- brain cerebrum with the name ‘Vasudeva’.