Blood Canticle (The Vampire Chronicles) [ANNE RICE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Blood Canticle has ratings and reviews. Sisi said: Honestly, never in a million years had I ever imagined giving any of these books a 1 out of. Fiery, fierce, and erotic, Blood Canticle marks the triumphant culmination of Anne Rice’s bestselling Vampire Chronicles, as Lestat tells his astounding.

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I’m very passionate about the fact that the end of this series is dead to me. For whatever reason, Ms. It was a feat of imagination and the words followed.

Annf reading everyone’s review’s on this book, and I actually liked them more than the book! I feel not only connected to her characters, but to my beloved New Orleans. Aug 25, Marianneboss rated it it was ok.

Blood Canticle

Her books have sold near Anne Rice born Howard Allen Frances O’Brien is a best-selling American author of gothic, supernatural, historical, erotica, and later religious themed books. Individual books may veer off to tell the stories of others—Pandora, Marius, Armand— but in the background there is always Lestat, the central hero, and the concern is his moral growth. You really do, I want you to know that. This hamster should have passed out long ago. I really wish i’d never read this book, because i’ll carry this with me forever as the official, straight from the authors mind, end to a story that was a part of my childhood, adolesence, and finally, my entrance into adulthood.

Contrary to popular opinion, I think it is very good. Just like Lord of the Rings and just as boring and Oncle Julien. Despite having had to consciously try hard to get used to Blackwood Farm, I was sure Rice would write a book that would make this whole set end in a satisfying way. I haven’t read any of the Mayfair books but after reading what I assume is the recap of the books told by Mona and Rowan I’m soooooo not doing it. Actually, I’d like to write whole novels on T-shirts.


But I very liked it because of so much action and something complitely new.

BLOOD CANTICLE: The Vampire Chronicles

I wanted to quit reading this book by the end of Chapter 1. How do you think this will affect your writing of the character? The entire first chapter is taken up with nonsense that has nothing to do with the story, and then the novel’s basic plot begins where Blackwood Farm ended. I kept reading it only to find out how Rice would merge the series and so I could write this review. Blood Canticle was supposed to be about Lestat’s redemption by not being selfish in the act of turning Rowan over to the blood, it could have worked, I would not have blokd as peeved at Michael’s neglect, Rowan and Lestat’s romance would have been more believable if only it had been longer!

Theres not much I can say about this book that others havent already said, however I just have to vent about one thing Anne Rice increasingly does with her later books: To call this book part of the “Vampire Chronicles” is a misnomer. I don’t even want to remember anymore of the things Rice left us high and dry on.

I continue to be a fan Well, you’ll find about two pages of that in here. I know Cannticle know I am being not really nice but declaring a book worthless shit but try reading it. This is the way it is with my work.

Blood Canticle – Wikipedia

But for me this is what my editor calls a “crescendo novel. A story of love and loyalty, of the search for passion and promise, Blood Canticle is Anne Rice at her finest. Dec 01, Danielle rated it it was ok.


Okay, I DID read this one. Why You Should Thank Me Finally, is there anything else you would like to say about Blood Canticle?

Blood Canticle (The Vampire Chronicles, #10) by Anne Rice

I also did not like how Rowan fell for Lestat. I’d just as soon pretend trees had never been felled to print this trash.

And what is sad is that your fans will still keep reading your books praying for a miracle that will never come. I didn’t think this book was the worst thing ever written by Rice see: But, okay, admittedly, I, too, cringed when the author ele “There is nothing to writing,” as Hemingway once said. Roquelaure for fiction featuring sexually explicit sado-masochism.

Anne Rice has said this is the last of the Vampire Chronicles, I’m not sure if this is the last of the Mayfair Witches, but this review is written under the belief that Blood Canticle is the end of both.

I say this as a mixed creole also on this note excuse my english who After finally finishing my journey with Anne Rice and her vampires, something I started at age 14, I come to the end pretty dissapointed with the turn Anne Rice has taken with her writing. Gripped by his unspeakable desire for the mortal Rowan Mayfair and taking the not so innocent, new-to-the-blood Mona Mayfair under his wing, Lestat braves the wrath of paterfamilias Julien Mayfair and ventures to a private island off the coast of Haiti.