Bruiser – Book Description. TENNYSON: Don’t get me started on The Bruiser. He was voted “Most Likely to Get the Death Penalty” by the entire school. He’s the. In this thought-provoking, low-key drama, Shusterman (Unwind) examines the Bruiser. Neal Shusterman, HarperTeen, $ (p) ISBN. Sixteen-year-old Tennyson fumes when he learns his twin sister, Bronte, is dating Bruiser, the guy voted Most Likely to Go to Jail, but Bronte insists Bruiser is .

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There seemed to be some contradictions with the use of Brew’s ability, especially at the end there with the pool, but since nothing is ever really explained anyway Much of his fiction is traceable back to stories he tells to large audiences of children and teenagers — such as his novel The Eyes of Kid Midas. The seeming super power of Bruiser to absorb the pain both external and internal of those he cares about is very much played down.

I had to get to the next part – the author so cleverly divided the book up into small episodes with his chapters, and switches narrators, giving insight that you so often want from other works! Hard topics were tackled, like abuse and bullying, but done very well.

Be prepared to witness realistic brutality and decide for yourself what could be beal in a world so full of pain. Tennyson did not start out as sympathetic.

I had no idea how much this story would affect me, and I was praying for a good outcome This book should be a movie its like a play i pictured this whole book in my head and it was absolutely exhilarating this is the only book i want to read and will forever read.


I don’t think I’m being harsh, because she literally could have jeal him.

I don’t know if they can fix it. Open Preview See a Problem?

I am so angry that Shusterman ended it that way. Paperbackpages. She looked at him as a project one too many times for me and I think he deserved more. But if you knew that somebody you loved would feel it instead?

I think the book’s title is strangely appropriate, because now it’s like I’ve got a big dhusterman bruise where it hit me, and I can’t quite shake off this feeling, as if I’m still feeling the pain from the blow.

Bruiser raises and answers these questions quite well, but never lives up to its full potential.


April 10, at 7: And the poetry sections? Bruiser is written by Neal Shusterman. How can a person be happy knowing that someone he or she loves must feel so much pain?

Well, maybe he was, but what people don’t realize is that black holes generate an amazing amount of light. View all shuxterman comments. Because when he cares about you, things start to happen.

Bruiser by Neal Shusterman | Scholastic

I need a moment to take that in. Would you want that person by you at shusteman times? It is a premise with a lot of room for thought, even though the idea itself is not necessarily an original one think Stephen King ‘s The Green Mile.

Within three seconds my leg is fine but Brewster is screaming as his femur pokes out of the skin.


Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

I had it going shuaterman I got ready in the morning, while I took the bus home from work and every moment in between. The book is really about sacrifice and love: At first I was dreading that this would be a romance, but luckily it was actually an incredible, fast-paced supernatural tale of a guy with abilities that his friends can hardly even grasp, and Shusterman author of Unwind and Scythe never lets up on the thrills, friendship and excitement.

I knew that bruisr book could not end we I don’t know how he does it, but Neal Shusterman always has the most unique ideas.

By the middle of this book, it just dragged on and on and on and I totally lost interest. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

It is as simple as that! Being human means experiencing the full range of human emotions. But maybe Peace is just around the corner after all. Don’t think you can sit back, detached, and come out clean. This book was exceptional in terms of characterization and its ability to make me mull over a moral dilemma. Brilliantly narrated by a collective group of talented voices: And shustermab Brewster still cared about the uncle?!

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Then we come to Brewster.

Do I loathe it? It makes him the worst of all. And how much does he have to like them?