Tawarruq personal financing using Bursa Suq Al Sila’. Commodity Supplier. Bursa Suq Al-Sila’/. Trading Platform. Commodity Buyer. Facility Agent. (Sub-Agent). USPSB. (Agent / Issuer). Facility Agent. (Sale Agent). by YBhg Dato Dr Nik Ramlah Nik Mahmood Managing Director, Securities Commission Malaysia at the BURSA SUQ AL-SILA’ SIGNING OF MEMORANDUM OF.

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Tuesday, 18 Wl Volume Thursday, 16 Feb Volume To facilitate increased transaction volumes, Bursa Malaysia has tried to enrol other commodity suppliers in the platform. Wednesday, 13 Aug Volume The suppliers place their bids which replicate the real market.

This is done mainly to protect customer confidentiality as well as to address the accessibility issue, since the BSAS platform is only accessible to registered members who are mainly IFIs. Furthermore, contract specifications are given for every single asset zuq are made known to all parties Mansor, The trading in Bursa Suq Al-Sila today follows the recent signing of Memorandum of Participation between Bursa Malaysia and over 26 commodity suppliers, financial institutions and trading participants three weeks ago.

Tuesday, 25 Oct Volume8. Wednesday, 03 Aug Volume8. Issues Pertaining to Possession and Delivery BSAS allows for delivery of the commodity, a, eliminates another concern about the fictitious nature of organized tawarruq.


It is purposefully designed as an exchange of multiple commodities using tawarruq transactions. Wednesday, 03 Feb Volume However, euq widespread practice of organized tawarruq has been disapproved by many contemporary scholars.

Bursa Suq Al-Sila’ Commodity Trading Platform Launched

Contact Us Help Centre. This field should be left blank. Do you have suggestions or feedback to help us improve? The trade involves the sale and purchase of real physical assets.

The customer then sells back the commodity to the commodity market on spot for cash. Once ownership goes back to a supplier, all unencumbered commodities may or may not be re- offered into the BSAS market for other trades. In the initial stage, crude palm oil will be used as the launch commodity. Monday, 26 Oct Volume Friday, 19 Jul Volume Please select your choice for Best New Islamic Bank in It is expected to also enhance liquidity management for Islamic Financial Institutions.

He also has direct control over the commodity and the option to receive delivery within seven days. Click here to sign up. Subscribe to our RSS feeds and get the latest Bursa Malaysia news delivered directly to your desktop. BSAS is an Islamic commodity trading platform for the Islamic banking industry and capital market, introduced by Bursa Malaysia in Wednesday, 30 Sep Volume Wednesday, 12 Mar Volume In effect, BSAS integrates the global Islamic financial and capital markets together with the commodity market.


Commodity suppliers such as Crude Palm Oil suppliers are also provided with an additional revenue source, says Dato Yusli Mohamed Yusoff, chief executive officer of Bursa Malaysia.

Bursa Suq Al-Sila’ (BSAS) | Bursa Malaysia Market

Wednesday, 11 Jan Volume Wednesday, 25 Apr Volume9. What is the structure of organized tawarruq and its main features? In AprilBSAS added refined, bleached and deodorised RBD palm olein as a new commodity to meet greater demand from local and international players for commodity-based Islamic financing. Products Bursa Malaysia offers a holistic range of innovative Islamic Market products from equities and commodities to sukuk.