Callum and Harper grew up in the foster care system and meet in a social services office after suffering from turning 18 yrs old. They are. Callum Tate. Life sucks for orphans Callum Tate and Harper Bailey. Kicked out of their foster homes because they suffer the ‘eighteen disease’. Read Callum & Harper online free from your Mobile, Pc. Callum & Harper is a Romance novel by Fisher Amelie.

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The story itself is just amazing because the relationship just feels real. I love their characters- Amelis was absorbed from the first page. Callum is definitely Harper’s knight in shining goodwill armor. You are my best friend in this entire world and i will never have the friendship i have with you with anyone else.

She was at a family who also fostered another child her age. I meant what I said before. Feb 12, Tough Critic Book Reviews rated it really liked it.

And what eighteen year old New Yorker would say, “Bless my soul! Somehow they find each other at just the right time. How many couples do you know that where best friends for many years before dating or taking the next step.

Just when they were getting some where, their lives crumpled to the floor. Harper went out ahead of him from the Social Services which rejected her. Callum was born of love to parents fiser doted on him, unfortunately when they die in a car accident he was left an orpha 4.

I didn’t hate this story, not by a long shot but it was the kick to the feels that I was hoping it would be either but that was okay, it let me escape for a few hours and get caught up in someone else’s stuff if nothing else and that’s all we can really ask for after all isn’t it? But they had each other, it aemlie kinda enough. While some of the lines between Callum and Harper were super sweet, most of them were also super cheese and sometimes cheese is good, heavenly even, and other times, it is just too much and there were times it was just too much and unbelievable.


Callum & Harper (Sleepless, #1) by Fisher Amelie

And I’ve read in reviews that the “insta love” part was unrealistic. I shudder to think of how this ‘writer’ would have handled that task. They run into each other and stay together because they have no other options. Once you meet him, you instantly fall in love with him. A new kind of hope and love story that was so fjsher as it was tragic.

Callum & Harper

I loved everything about him. This book is so recommended to everyone. I studied the clothing on top of the pile, spotting a folder piece of paper tucked into the inside of her bra.

Life sucks for orphans Callum Tate and Harper Bailey. I would do anything for her.

I sobbed out loud and had to catch my breath numerous times. But eventually no one really wanted her because she became a trouble maker But the most frustrating thing was the John bell thing.

Callum is so wonderfully protective of her – right from pretty much the first moment he met aamelie. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This novel revolves around two orphans, Callum and Harper.


She jumped from family to family, trying to fit in In fact, I crown Fisher Amelie queen of the alternating POV except you don’t get a crown; okay maybe a metaphorical one: It could happen anywhere, anytime.

Book Review: Callum and Harper (Sleepless #1) by Fisher Amelie

Oct 16, Smitten’s Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: Anyone who has ever calljm a best guy friend whom you’ve loved and eventually became in love with knows that it’s totally and completely possible. It gets really creepy and terrifying and a few bits were actually hard to read!

It’s the first time I’ve ever experienced what people feel when they say that they’re “crying inside”. The connection they begin to form, starts a little bit quickly for my personal preference, but I can appreciate their attachment in light of their respective backgrounds. Only thing she needs to learn is that some So But it’s still one of my favorite books so I recommend it to all sappy romance readers out there! But what I think one of the main points the book was trying to put out was that life was too fucking short to live on regrets and what ifs; like never taking opportunities, never looking for love or friendship, He was a psycho path if I ever saw one, claiming that Harper was his.

Maybe with an editor, it’s of course easier and a piece of cake.