The new, grown-up heroines in Candace Bushnell’s Lipstick Jungle are rich, glamorous and a little desperate. Money, not love, is the priority as. The New York women on the make in Lipstick Jungle are a tougher breed than Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City girls. But Carrie O’Grady. Though Bushnell’s fourth book opens in familiar Sex and the City territory—a fashion show in Bryant Park where attendees sport Jimmy Choo.

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Book 7 in Suka deh novel ini. Trivia About Lipstick Jungle.

Lipstick Jungle

Aug 24, Alice rated it it was ok Shelves: Nov 13, Joanna Doherty Salone rated it did not like it. Fashion designer Victory Ford, magazine editor Nico O’Neilly and movie executive Wendy Healy are best friends in their early forties, each, through talent and hard work, nearing the top of her field.

Although this may sound like candade novel accomplishments, they are big ones for Bushnell.

This is just bunch of crappy short stories which have no meaning and hard to relate to”, so I said to myself after I finished reading it.

Lipstick Jungle is still a page-turner, and Bushnell’s ear for dialogue and eye for detail remain as sharp as ever, but these darker questions about meaning and fulfilment seem to have edged out her viper wit and there are fewer laughs, fewer enjoyably silly minor characters.

She should have been thrilled. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Something inside her sank at the sight of all that sameness, and she suddenly felt defeated.

Victory, a famous fashion designer, falls jnugle love with a billionaire and decides she too would like to have that kind of money by working hard at fashion. One of the more poignant moments – and there are one or two – is when one of the characters questions what you actually do with all this money you can’t spend.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Best Books of Quotes from Lipstick Jungle. I’ve tried and tried, and it’s just not worth the effort anymore. But instead, she felt tired.

They are the daughters not of Sex and the City’s Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, but of Anne, Neely and Jennifer – the steak- and scenery-chewing trio who graced Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls One consequence of this gender reversal is that the casual misandry which underlies most of Bushnell’s work and indeed most chick-lit takes on a more sinister tone.

If our world is in a mess – and many would say in the second decade of the 21st century that it has been in better shape – then it’s the fact that somehow our society allows people like this to run roughshod through it, answerable to no one except the mighty dollar or Euro, or Pound or Yen etc. Candace Bushnell’s writing leaves so much to be desired.

They are great businesswomen but it is possible to be smart, beautiful AND have a conscience and morals. Fans of Kathleen Tessaro, Candace Bushnell.

Lipstick Jungle (novel) – Wikipedia

Suddenly the movie is jumped ahead a few months and she is flying high with a new partner for the business and back in Business with her boyfriend. I am a big fan of the Lipstick Jungle TV series and was interested to see wh I was very happy to find that this novel is not your typical chick-lit book and not at all like the Sex and the City novel which I found jarring and strange.

As a “Sex and the City” viewer, Lipatick thought I was going to enjoy this book; however, that was not the case. Can’t believe I’m admitting this on Goodreads The story is entertaining, but what should be a fun indulgence becomes harder than it should be.

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I thought, “Aha–that’s the Lipstick Jungle.

I have just finished it and I have to say I candaace pretty disappointed I came away on holiday with three books to read: I’m also lucky enough to have a couple of girlfriends who are top designers, who offered bshnell help me out with the specific details.

Chapters 8 12 Jun 28, On another level though, the fact that a book like this can be written, obviously read quite widely, and can be repeated again and again by simply changing the names of the characters, the title of the book, the TV series or the film really should be quite disturbing.

What happens when women act like stereotypical men? Can they be respected and treated the same way in the workplace?

Being a jerk, makes you a jerk, plain and simple, whether you’re male or female. The book was okay. Of course, it helps that I’ve worked in magazine publishing and have had my share of experience with Hollywood.

Something I normally make myself feel guilty over enjoying. This was like Sex and the City, but smarter. But the truth of the matter is that it was entertaining enough and it’s okay for a book to be just that. Here I go with the whole, why I shouldn’t like it stuff. If Miranda, Carrie and the gang were high-powered businesswomen, this would be their story.

Lipstick Jungle is chick lit with a clear female empowerment message. Pants are the answer and she is back with such gusto she almost takes a brass ring of selling out her name for loads of money. Two of the three are married with children; all are at the top of their field.

I guessed that Ms.