Canon canonet 28 user manual eng. Published on Jan 28, Canon canonet 28 user manual eng Published in: Art & Photos. 0 Comments; 0 Likes . The original Canon Canonet 28 viewfinder camera was launched in meter’s needle in the viewfinder), and manual control of f-stops for flash (ff16). Find Answers. Specified Languages. English United States. Search. Canonet How to adjust the exposure. Description. How to adjust the exposure. Solution.

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The 288 28 is one of a series of developments of a range of compact 35 mm cameras with the generic title “Canonet” and manufactured by Canon Inc.

Canonet 28 – Rangefinder alignment

However, in your case, you don’t have a B shutter speed so it is quite difficult to verify infinity focus. The adjustment screw is under the hot shoe spring No need to dissasemble the camera. Lens use helicoid focusing.

The Canonet 28 is a coupled-rangefinder, leaf-shuttered 35mm camera with fully automatic exposure. For horizontal adjustment you have to take the top off – annoying. I haven’t ever done this in this particular camera, so I cannot be more specific, sorry. Hi, I’m new here and my English is not so good.


The viewfinder shows the exposure meter needle against a shutter speed scale which allows the operator some measure of judgment regarding whether the selected speed is appropriate to the subject. You should consider just using the flash all the canoner except when you’re trying to be discrete. There, I said it.

Canon Canonet 28 | Camerapedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Needle in viewfinder gives current shutter speed. No flash shoe just a flash cube socket which Canojet think requires the two AAA batteries the compartment is in the camera base because the meter and shutter seems to work OK without them.

This page and its images may not be reduplicated in any form. Is meters enough mwnual use to check it in order to make the adjustement. I just did a little bit of research Upon further review, you appear to be exactly correct.

It was one of the first dedicated flashes. The rangefinder itself is off. Hello all, Was playing around with my Canonet 28 today and I’m wondering whether the rangefinder is slightly out of alignment.

So I use it manually with a hand held meter. Still, the extra 1. It is not hard, btw. Once the light meter shows over or under-exposure, the shutters locks. To use it when it’s too bright, you can use slower film. Please login to leave a comment. The lenses on these cameras are surprisingly sharp. In daylight, it gives you the shutterspeed reading, but the aperture it hass selected is a mystery somewhat – it selects mid-apertures in most cases.


It’s been found in garage sales and goodwill stores for much less than its real value. It should relatively easy to find a manual for this camera or for Canonet QL17 to see where exactly those adjustments are. Today, we’re taking a peek at pretoogjes inspired portraits. You would probably have to remove the top to do the vertical adjustment, but yours seems OK.

The Canon Canonet 28 was manufactured in Metal fittings and trimmings are satin chromium plated. Most color negative films can handle being overexposed by two stops without a problem.