Integrated Hospital Information System. PHP,mySQL,PostgreSQL. Surgery, Nursing,Outpatient,Wards,Labs, Pharmacy, Security,Admission,Schedulers,. Download CARE2X – Integrated Hospital Info System for free. Integrated Hospital Information System. PHP,mySQL,PostgreSQL. Uncompress the CARE2X 2nd Generation Deployment scripts into the active directory of Apache web server. 6. Make sure that the server can write in the.

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It is modular and highly scalable. Make sure that the following extensions and external php modules are loaded in your php installation.

Documentation |

Enter the necessary information and hit the button. We have small resources and we should not work parallel but together. Module updates and extensions do not require changes on the web browser avoiding network interruptions and downtimes. It can be configured to support multiple database configuration to enhance data security and integrity.

Uses a standard database language. No downtime during module updates and extensions. No need for dedicated and costly client programs. The use of a single data format solves the problem of data redundancy.

It has been very stable and the staff is motivated to use it. Our Mission We strive to develop the most useful and practical integrated healthcare information system which is open for others to develop further. All program modules and functions follow the same design philosophies and user navigation principles.

Each hospital can make smaller modifications to it according to their requirements. Read and subscribe it Care2x Current development issues: There are also a few free programs available. Host If you leave it blank, the installer will use “localhost”.


The Solution

For the main domain, enter the domain or host name without the http: Physicians or surgeons can access patients’ data from outside the hospital without using specialized software.

There are no off-the-self systems and all programs must be customized to our needs and we need support during the implementation and janual the long run. Customization for the hospital’s special needs can be done by the hospital’s edp staff. The secret key for the first level script lock. Development is broad based and fast. It is platform free, but we will install it on Linux server. Source code is freely-distributed and available to the general public. The manaul with those we have evaluated is either they are far too expensive, poor quality or there are difficulties to organize support.

The Infrastructure The project development is supported by a solid infrastructure comprising several mqnual which play important specific roles.

Installation 2nd Carre2x Deployment 2. Enter the proper hostusernameand password information for your mySQL database. The user can configure his own GUI interface according to his personal preferences, languange, and level of technical understanding.

Its design can also handle non-medical services or functions such as security and maintenance. We have selected Care2x for several reasons. Configure manuak access permissions properly.

Installation 2nd Generation beta 2. If the installer fails to create the database name due to possible user permission problems, create the database name using your proven dbms administration application before you install Care2x.

The Solution |

Put your ideas here. If you leave this blank or enter wrong information, you will get problems in storing and displaying uploaded images later on.


Make sure that the server can write in the following directories and files. If your mySQL resides on the same machine and uses the same IP address as the Apache web server you can use the default settings.


The software is web-based. You have to install them separately before you install care2x.

Enter the domain or ip addresses and hosts information. The project development is supported by a solid infrastructure comprising several components which play important specific roles.

Our goal is to make the program simple and user friendly so that it will not be a burden to our staff but helping in their daily routines. The current beta version supports the mySQL database. Our demo of Care2x is online at http: Uses a single database and single data format. We have seen that the work routines are quite similar and our plan is to make East-African version of Care2x. Substantially reduces the occurence of erroneous data.

You will be asked for the username and password for accessing the database. Solves the manaul problem. Its design supports multiple server configuration to distribute traffic and improve speed and efficiency. Enter the following address in the browser: Add a new module