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Bi fuelled vehicles may be grouped with dedicated fuel vehicles providing one of the fuels is common; 2.

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The information gathered by the manufacturer shall be sufficiently comprehensive to ensure that in-service performance can be assessed for normal conditions 201 use. For all other families, the minimum number of vehicles in a sample lot to be sampled is fifteen.

Catlaogue at Brussels, 8 June On the basis of the audit referred to in Section 2 the approval authority shall adopt one of the following decisions and actions:.

Caatlogue malfunction indications in the Beossette memory shall be recorded and the requisite repairs shall be carried out. Manufacturers shall make available vehicle repair and maintenance information including transactional services such as reprogramming or technical assistance on an hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly basis, with fees for access to such information varying in accordance with the respective periods of time for which access is granted.

Article 3 This Regulation shall enter into force on the third day following its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. The type-approval authority shall within 30 working days declare its approval or disapproval of the plan of remedial measures.

EUR-Lex – R – EN – EUR-Lex

There shall be no indication of any problem that might jeopardise the safety of laboratory personnel. The ignition system shall be checked and defective components replaced, for example spark plugs, cables, etc.


Need more search options? It shall also be monitored for any failure that would result in exceeding the applicable OBD threshold limits. Manufacturers shall establish fees for hourly, daily, monthly, annual and per-transaction access to their repair and maintenance information websites, which are reasonable and proportionate. The manufacturer shall authorise modifications if these modifications are necessary for the diagnosis, servicing, inspection, retrofitting or repair of the vehicle. A vehicle is said to be an outlying emitter when the conditions given in point 3.

Where the results of the checks confirm such causes, those test results shall be excluded from the conformity check. The catalogie to amend the type-approval documents shall be assessed. The manufacturer is responsible for keeping a record of every vehicle cataogue and repaired and the workshop which performed the repair.

It shall be indicated when there will be an adequate supply of components or systems to initiate the campaign. Diagnosis and any normal maintenance necessary shall be performed on vehicles accepted for testing, prior to measuring exhaust emissions, in broxsette with the procedure laid down in points 3. Test results shall not be multiplied by deterioration factors. Appendix 2 Statistical procedure for tailpipe emissions in-service conformity testing 1. The inclination or orientation of the cylinders is broseette a criteria.

The manufacturer shall compile all the information needed to comply with the requirements of this Annex. Application of test requirements for type approval and extensions. Annex XIV is amended as follows: Illustration of the in-service conformity process.

The identification shall include the following: The manufacturer shall be authorised, under the supervision of the approval authority, to carry out checks, even of a destructive nature, on those vehicles with emission levels in excess of the limit values with a view to establishing possible causes of deterioration which cannot be attributed to the manufacturer e. Upon acceptance of the vehicle, the fuel shall be replaced with appropriate emission test reference fuel, unless the manufacturer accepts the use of market fuel.

Appendix 1 In-service conformity check 1. The inclination or orientation of the cylinders is not a criteria ; 2. Clear and bright, visibly free of suspended or precipitated contaminants. For the validation of the compatibility of the manufacturer-specific application and the vehicle communication interfaces VCI complying to ISO or SAE J, the manufacturer shall offer either a validation of independently developed VCIs or the information, and loan of any special hardware, required for a VCI manufacturer to conduct such validation himself.


Annex XVI is amended as follows: For IUPR M of a particular monitor M the following statistical conditions are met in a test sample, the size of which is determined according to point 3.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Since there is currently no common structured process for the exchange of vehicle component data between vehicle manufacturers and independent operators, it is appropriate to develop principles for such an exchange of data. The process for in-service conformity is described in Appendix 3 to this Annex. Chapter 13 Volume P. When establishing the value limits, the terms of ISO Petroleum products — Determination and application of precision data in relation to methods of test were applied.

More flexibility should be given for the re-programming of vehicle control units and the data exchange between vehicle manufacturers and independent operators in order to allow for cahalogue and to save costs. The approval authority, in cooperation with the manufacturer, shall select a sample of vehicles with sufficient mileage whose use under normal conditions can be reasonably assured. Vehicles with positive ignition engines including hybrids. The maximum time period between commencing two in-service conformity checks shall not exceed 18 months.

Where vehicle repair and maintenance records are kept in a central data base of the vehicle manufacturer or on its behalf, independent repairers, approved and authorised as required in point 2.