J. C. CATFORD. LANGUAGE. LANGUAGE. LEARNING. A Linguistic. Theory of Translation Oxford University Press, First published TRANSLATION is an activity of enormous importance in the mod- ern world and it is a subject. A linguistic theory of translation: an essay in applied linguistics. Front Cover. John Cunnison Catford. Oxford University Press, – Language Arts & Disciplines – pages. A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics. Front Cover. John Cunnison Catford. Oxford University Press, – Linguistic research.

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Literal 3 II pleut a verse. For use as a technical term, Total Translation may best be defined as: Any speech-act takes place in a specific bio-socio-physical environ- ment, at a specific time and place, between specific participants and so on. It is, on the contrary, a form of transcription see Full can be unmarked: The linguist, lunguistic, cannot let the matter rest there. Press Item Preview.

The exponent of C in English is the Ngp the man l saw, i. As we have said above, there is another interlevel: Here we are concerned only with translation equivalence as an empirical phenomenon. Here, as in the case of geographical dialect, equivalence of absolute location in time is normally neither possible nor desirable. The elements of syllable-structure are N nucleus and K consonantal, or marginal element: In other words we may systematically intro- duce changes into the SL text and observe what changes if any occur in the TL text as a consequence.

Linguistic untranslatability occurs typically in cases where an ambiguity peculiar to the SL text is a functionally relevant tranalation — e. The distinction between transliteration and transcription is important, and often misunderstood. It is changes of these types which we refer to as category-shifts. It is a critical history, treating translations wherever appropriate as literary works in their own right, and reveals the vital part played by translators and translation in shaping the literary culture catfod the English-speaking world, both for writers and readers.


Ashet and outwith are characteristically Scottish — they occur in texts written or spoken by Scotsmen.

J d a linguistic theory of translation PDF | Damian Grzech –

There is no carry-over into the TL of values set up by formal or contextual relations in the SL. Several Roman letters have 2 or 3 features in common: And, by taking note of the special factors involved we could, in theory, determine the conditioned probabilities of these equivalences.

Only three of these a speaker, an arrival and a prior event were common to both. Sentence-structures which occur are a, [3, a transation, 3oc.

In English phonology, for instance, we have classes of the unit phoneme, defined in terms of their operation in the structure of the unit next above, the syllable. The work of our early modern translators, with all its energy, is not always scholarly or even always convincing.

Word-for-word 2 God is with them! In a simplified way this process z be indicated as follows. Such cases are not rare in French, cf. Language-teachers, in particular, may find the book of interest.

A Scotsman in France went to buy catdord ice-cream cone at a kiosk. Translation is shown to be a much more complex matter than is commonly realized, while at the same time the author indicates important new ways of approaching it. A lexical example might be bank, which is the graphological exponent of two distinct lexical items in English. For instance, in a novel, idiolectal features in the dialogue of one character may be worked into the plot; other characters may remark on these, and they may partly serve to identify the character.

Granslation typographic reasons some slight transcriptional alterations have been made here. Whether or not we regard the resultant simultaneous reference to situa- tional features of the contextual meanings of both these items as functionally relevant or not may be a matter of opinion. It was thus originally intended for an audience of students already fairly well-informed about general linguistics.


A TL dual may on occasion be the translation equivalent of an SL plural — for instance, Arabic kitaabeen as equivalent of English books — but it cannot have the same formal meaning.

A Linguistic Theory Of Translation Oxford Univ. Press ( 1965)

In Russian, of course, the lexical item sputnik is a member of a number of lexical sets, and would have an appropriate highest probability English trans- lation equivalent in each: Ill If you do that, II pinguistic will regret it. Other parts of the general field of linguistics include Institu- tional Linguistics and the theory of Language Varieties dealt with in Chapter Such sub-sets might be made up more or less at random — for example a sub-set of English items like the following: For Russian transliteration equivalent we should have to choose between the Cyrillic letters K and C.

Here, the lexical item sauna appears to have been transferred bodily into the TL. The distinction between- grammar and lexis is not absolute, but rather in the nature of a translatin, with very well marked poles, but some overlap in between.

The first foot What did you and the last foot yesterday each consist of three syllables: The exponents of these elements are: We call this process transference.

This distinction transoation to the liinguistic of language involved in translation. Even within one and the same language, democracymay be relatable to some different situational features in the registers of different political parties.