Inaczej chwasty polne właściwe – grupa chwastów rosnąca na polach uprawnych, wśród roślin uprawnych. Słowa kluczowe: Polygonum lapathifolium L. subsp. lapathifolium, chwasty segetalne, uprawy rolnicze. © IOŚ-PIB. OCHRONA ŚRODOWISKA I ZASOBÓW. Keywords: cultivated land, fertility, germination, Polygonum sp., segetal weeds. Słowa kluczowe: chwasty segetalne, kiełkowanie, plenność, Polygonum sp.

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The fungi of weed seeds. Do the weed flora and effect of a herbicide change with time? Arable weeds identified as new sources of beet mosaic potyvirus in Greece. Volume 1 Journal of Natural Products 59 7 Raporty Opinie 6 1: Weed Science 43 2 Annals of Chwasry Biology 2 De Gruyter – Sciendo.

File:Chwasty segetalne.jpg

Sectio E, Agricultura 69 1 Agribiological Research 52 2 Selective control of cleavers Galium aparine in conservation headlands with quinmerac. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. Proceedings of the second international weed control congress, Copenhagen, Denmark, June Smoke derived from burnt vegetation stimulates germination of arable weeds.


Weed control and herbicide tolerance in a common vetch-oat intercrop. Sign in to annotate.

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File:Chwasty – Wikimedia Commons

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