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Tools and Material Required to Install Pump By following the step-by-step procedure here, and using only the basic tools and materials listed below, you will find the installation easy to do. The Autopilot features pushbutton steering control, course correction as small as one degree, two independent rudder response settings with 14 sensitivity settings in each, a navigation interface, and watertight construction.

Move the rudder so it is in the straight ahead position. The green wire is ground. The serial data rate is Baud. Also see the Problem Solving section comnqv Because of this, the Autopilot lets you change the way it interprets the direction of cross track error.

You will want to have the Control Head near the steering station you use the most; place the Mounting Clip at this station.

Make sure that you and your passengers are braced for unexpected movement.

The Setup Routine is now completed. Parts are not drawn to any scale. This is especially important in the motor well and other areas where vibration is comnxv.

Sensitivity decreases by one step. Do not blow the filings off. A table of all Autopilot commands is provided at the end of this manual see page This connection can be made at a helm pump, the remote reservoir if there is onethe return line connecting two helm pumps, or the return line between a pump and the Uniflow valve. Check several times and add more oil as required. We recommend that you do not lengthen this cable. The first is to leave the system completely filled and be careful not to spill hydraulic fluid.


Refill the highest reservoir. Measure the approximate diameter of your rudder post in inches.

Comnav — Onnsports

If the Compensating Line does not prime properly and allows fluid to get to the autopilot comnva, the pump will not perform properly. Carefully check all hydraulic steering fittings and equipment for leakage. Mounting Use a tape measure comanv ruler to position the Outboard Feedback rod so that it projects 5. The Clamp should be positioned as close as possible to the tube end where the cable exits. When removed from the Clip, it can be used as a portable unit.

Piloto automático Comnav 1460

Repeat the previous step on each lower helm pump in turn. Go to Finishing the Setup, below. Tighten the nuts on the watertight glands firmly with your hands.

Do a final check of your hydraulic installation for any leaks or loose components. Each Rudder Response setting controls the steering in 11460 very different way.

ComNav 1460 Autopilot Manual

The terminal strip for this is in the Accessory Kit. We do not supply the cable for this connection. 160 Autopilot is flashing the light above the Nav Key to warn you that your navigation information might not be correct. Introduction The Outboard Feedback sends information about the rudder or propeller position to the Autopilot.

In this manual, the names of the main components are capitalized. The fall-off occurs because the Autopilot does not use enough Rudder movement to correct for the increasing Course error.


Attaching the Rudder Feedback Linkage: It will not damage the pump. You must now do the Setup Routine. In the Cable 5 diagram below, the Ground is the green wire.

Then, insert the Second Station Head’s cable through the gland and tighten the outer locking nut of the gland by securely by hand. Make sure all stripped wire ends are completely inside the terminal strips.

The pump is compatible with all hydraulic steering systems, including pressurized steering systems such as Hynautic. If you purchased a system with a Cable Drive, one of several models will be included. There are two Rudder Response settings.

After transporting your boat on a trailer, it is very important to clean the sliding rod!

Results and a declaration of conformity are on file at: You will connect these combav to the Processor when you make all the other wiring connections. If this occurs, try re-locating the compass some distance away from its present location; also, re-check the wiring. Hold the left hand inner end cap. One of two different Feedback Units will be included: It’s a community-based project which helps comnv repair anything.

Your vessel will normally make several turns, while you are setting the Rudder Responses.

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Then the light beneath the Green Key will begin to flash. Rotary Rudder Feedback Linkage Kit. When all is done, permanently mount your Fluxgate Compass in its location, using four 10 5mm fasteners made of non-magnetic materials such as high quality comnac steel or brass.