Nikon COOLPIX L houses a powerful 21x (mm) optical zoom NIKKOR lens places compositional freedom comfortably in your hands. Save this Book to Read nikon coolpix l manual settings PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get nikon coolpix l manual settings PDF file. MP camera released in Nikon Coolpix L troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals.

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Auto Mode Preset Manual Preset manual is used with mixed lighting or to compensate for light sources with a strong color cast when the desired effect has not been achieved with white balance settings like Auto and Incandescent for example, to make images shot under a lamp with a red shade look as though they had been shot under white light.

Small copies are saved as JPEG files with a compression ratio of 1: The following software is installed: Option Description Movies with an aspect ratio of Error Messages If and turn the camera the error persists even after the camera is turned off and then on again, contact retailer or Nikon-authorized service representative.

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Setup Menu Motion Detection d button M z Setup menu A M Motion detection Specify whether or not motion detection is used to reduce the effects of subject movement and camera shake when taking still pictures.

With continuous shooting, instantaneous movements in moving subjects can be captured. Be sure to transfer important images to a computer before formatting. G Easy auto mode A 20 By simply framing a picture, the camera automatically selects the optimum scene mode for simpler shooting. Screen The following operations are available when the Did Did someone blink?

No images available for a — Date and time Set camera clock to current date and time. Playback Menu f Rotate Image c button Playback mode M d Playback menu M f Rotate image Set the image orientation mqnual or horizontal frame displayed on the camera monitor after the pictures are taken.

Please note that the manual and the contact information therein are subject to change without notice. Display n self- Display o exposure timer menu compensation. Page Connecting to a TV Note on Connecting the Cable When connecting the cable, be sure that the camera connector is coolpiz oriented.


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Nikon will not be held liable for damages or lost profits that may result from product malfunction. Manua, display returns to that shown in step 1 when Printing printing is complete. Software Manuals Firmware Software. Removing the memory card or the battery during saving may result in loss of data or in damage to the saved data, camera or card.

Press the A button in shooting mode and use the multi selector to select B Panorama assist Page Setup Menu Operating the Did someone blink? Exposure Compensation Adjusting the Brightness: Information And Precautions Before coolpkx pictures on important occasions such as at weddings or before taking the camera on a triptake a test shot to ensure that the camera is functioning correctly. Press the multi selector H or I to select a compensation value. A 86 Electronic VR Select the electronic vibration reduction setting that is used when recording To remove fingerprints Lens or other stains that cannot be removed with a blower, wipe the lens with a soft cloth, using a spiral motion that starts at the center of the lens and working Use this option to set the amount of mnual that passes before the camera enters standby mode.

Don’t have an account? Press the multi selector J or K to choose the desired images. The coolpxi brain is able to adapt to changes in the color of the light source, with the result that white objects appear white whether seen in the shade, direct sunlight, or coolpiix incandescent lighting.

Observe caution when removing the batteries or memory card.

Setup Menu Time Zones The camera supports the time zones listed below. Press o exposure compensation on the multi selector. For time zones not listed below, set the camera’s clock manually to local time using Date and time in the setup menu.

Calendar Display Viewing Multiple Images: Page 67 Auto Mode Number of Exposures Remaining The following table lists the approximate l301 of images that can be saved in coolpux memory and on a 4 GB memory card. The appearance of this product and its specifications are subject to change without notice. Use a tripod for best results.


Setting Display Language, Date And Time Setting Display Language, Date and Time When the first time the camera is turned on, the language- selection screen and the date and time setting screen for the camera clock are displayed. Connecting To A Printer Connecting to a Printer Users of PictBridge-compatible A printers can connect the camera directly to the printer and print images without ccoolpix a computer.

Auto default setting When the camera detects subject movement or camera shake, the ISO sensitivity and shutter speed are automatically increased to reduce blurring. The headings of the sections of this Agreement are inserted for convenience only and shall not constitute a part hereof or affect in any way the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement. The movie edit cooolpix is displayed.

Auto Mode Note on Multi-shot 16 Smear A visible in the monitor when shooting with Multi-shot 16 will be visible in the saved image data.

A Welcome screen Specify the welcome screen displayed when the camera is turned on. Take pictures Select images for printing using Print order option A 68 Connect to printer A 98 Print images one at a time Shooting Suited for the Scene Scene Mode B Panorama assist Use when taking a series of pictures that will later be joined to form a single panorama image using the supplied Panorama Maker 6 software.

Keep these safety instructions where all those who use the product will read them. Connect the camera to l10 TV. Copying Between Memory Card and Clolpix The clock p310 charges when the main batteries are installed or an AC adapter coolpox connected, and can provide several days of backup power after about 10 hours of charging. Table of Contents Basic Camera Setup Turn on the printer.