MPFi V/S CRDi. V/S. in petrol engine for gaining more uniform Air Fuel blending fuel is injected at various point in the path of air. but in case of DTSI(digital twin. Know everything about Multi Point Fuel Injection (MPFI) system on CarTrade Blog. Fi EFi MPFi GDi. EFi stands for Electronic Fuel injection (EFi) whereas MPFi or MPi stands for Read more: How CRDi technology works?>>.

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Therefore whenever the injector which acts as a mpif rather than a pressure generator opens, the high-pressure fuel can be injected into combustion chamber quickly.

Srinivasan Automotive Mechanics.

Common Rail Direct Injection – CRDi Technology Working Explained – CarBikeTech

The drive torque and pulsation inside the nad lines are minimal, since the pump supplies only as much fuel as the engine actually requires. Mpf improve pulverization, the fuel must be injected at a very high pressure, so high that normal fuel injectors cannot achieve it. This is an important advantage of common-rail injection over conventional fuel injection systems as CRDI increases the controllability of the individual injection processes and further refines fuel atomization, saving fuel and reducing emissions.

Expensive to maintain in case of repairs.

Multi Point Fuel Injection and Common Rail Direct Injection Engines- MPFI vs CRDI

The engine’s electronic timing regulates injection pressure according to engine speed and load. Learn how your comment data is processed. The PF unit needs to be cleaned up every 80, km by high-pressure water, to get rid of the deposits resulting from the additive.

This division of labor necessitates a special chamber to maintain the high injection pressure of up to 1, bar. Common-rail technology is intended to improve the pulverization process. The process is called regeneration. The high-pressure fuel is fed to individual fuel injectors via a common rigid pipe hence the name of “common-rail”. These days, even cc powered engine bikes are equipped with fuel injectors for improving performance and fuel efficiency but with increase in cost. With the state-of-the-art common-rail direct fuel injection used an ideal compromise can be attained between economy, torque, ride comfort and long life.


Notify me of new posts by email. When the timing shuts the solenoid valves, fuel injection ends immediately. There is no glow plug since the injection pressure is high. Jose Perez, Fiat Multiair Technology Announced, technologyannounced-more-power-less-fuel-less emissions. Before MPFI, petrol engines were using carburetor type engines used in commuter type bikeswhich have become obsolete now.

Fuel rail is an accumulator which stores the high pressure fuel and releases it to the injector nozzle based on inputs from ECU. MPFI came into play as a means to meet emission norms set by various countries and in addition it also helps in deriving out good vehicle performance and minimum quantity of fuel.

Common Rail Direct Injection – CRDi Technology Working Explained

It is connected to the injection nozzles injectors at the end of which are rapid solenoid valves to take care of the timing and amount of the injection.

More accurately measured and timed mixture spray in the combustion chamber significantly reducing unburned fuel gives CRDI the potential to meet future emission guidelines such as Euro V. The liquid-state additive is store in a small tank and added to the fuel by pump.

Common rail refers to the single fuel injection line on the CRDI engines. Click here to sign up. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Aand email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Then, a specially designed oxidizing catalyst converter locating near crdl entrance of the particle filter unit will combust the remaining unburnt crdk come from the “post- combustion”.

This technique allows fuel to be injected as needed, saving fuel and lowering emissions. Gosavi3 1 Assistant Professor,krunalp.

Particle emission is always the biggest problem of diesel engines. Particulates of exhaust are reduced. Abstract Common-rail technology is intended to improve the pulverization process.

Imperfect pulverization leads to more unburned particles, hence more pollutant, lower fuel efficiency and less power. Swirler nozzle to produce a cone-shaped spray and a slit nozzle for a fan-shaped spray. The electronic control unit ECU modifies injection pressure precisely and as needed, based on data obtained from sensors on the cam and crankshafts.

Conventional non-CRDI Mechanical indirect injection engines are very sluggish and noisy to operate, in which the pump pressure forces the injectors to open to spray the fuel and hence abnormal spray patterns resulting in rich black smoke from the exhaust. The fact that there is no glow plug lowers the maintenance costs and the fuel consumption. Basically, particle filter is a porous silicon carbide unit; comprising passageways which has a property of easily trapping and retaining particles from the exhaust gas flow.


A major drawback if I have to pinpoint one is if the distributor fuel rail fails, the mofi comes to a grounding halt which is in turn overcome by a new technology in place called unit injectors, which intakes fuel from the high pressure fuel pump and has the distinct advantage of operating even when one or two unit injectors fail.

CRDI principle not only lowers fuel consumption and emissions possible; it also offers improved comfort and is quieter than modern pre- combustion engines. Conventional direct injection diesel engines must repeatedly generate fuel pressure for each injection. The powerful microcomputer makes the whole system more perfect and doubles the torque at lower engine speeds. In the current first generation design, the pipe withstands pressures as high as 1, bar or 20, psi.

Engine crank not necessary during cold start. CRDI — many must have come across seeing it behind cars boot and wondering what is it. The system realizes high output and torque, superb fuel economy, emissions low enough to achieve Euro Stage IV designation and noise levels the same as a gasoline engines. They lead to dark smoke and smog which is very crucial to air quality of urban area, if not to the ecology system of our planet.

Skip to main content. It also brings a significant reduction in the noise and vibrations of conventional diesel engines. CRDI system is more complex when compared with MPFI, but yet is more efficient, offers more power and has good response to no or part engine loads which makes the diesel engine deliver more power even at low engine RPM.