I recalled that there was a ‘setting’ in d20 Future known as Mecha Crusade which was basically the premise of every Gundam show so far and. Chapter 1: Introduction. “Mecha” is the term used by Japanese animators and fans to refer to the mechanical designs that appear in Japanese animation. Documents Similar To Mecha Crusade. Mekton Zeta – Starblade Uploaded by. Tatsumaki91 ¬∑ D20 Modern – Complete Pulp Heroes [Sourcebook].

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I’ve found on this site that as soon as meha pipes up saying they’d run it, a dozen people come out of the shadows saying they’d be interested in playing. I’ve recently begun re-watching Gundam Seed, not my favorite of the numerous series but not my least favorite either, and the more I watched the more I realised that I’d love to play in a game like this.

This is a very There’s so many good mech games I’ll set up the game forum this week and we can start the character creation process.

d20 Mecha Crusade

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The book contains additional material expands of the following topics already established in d20 Future: You’ll have a Strength score of Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Maybe collaborate a possible setting? Role-playing game system published by Wizards of the Coast. On a plus note, in such a game – in my opinion – it’d be quite possible to have different characters, it’s not like everyone needs to be a mecha ccrusade


d20 Modern – Wikipedia

Does anyone know which Dungeon issue corresponds to November ? In this setting, dragons rule the boardrooms and bugbears rule the streets. Out of curiosity, how would you feel about normal equipment modified for Mecha, i. Articles lacking reliable references from October All articles lacking reliable references Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Articles with a promotional tone from November All articles with a promotional tone Wikipedia articles with style issues from November All articles with style issues Articles with multiple maintenance issues Pages using deprecated image syntax.

That, and its new edition Battle Century G hit so that’s what you should be playing now!

It became very boring very quickly. The only method to get around hardness, I think, was “Plasma Damage” which ignored mech, but even that could be resisted. The worlds of H. I supported because‚Ķ “this community is the very best! This supplement contains rules which expand on various weaponry and gadgets from d20 Future.

d20 Mecha Crusade – Myth-Weavers

Haven’t got that far. Just not a fan of the lack of melee weapons for Mecha and something like a high frequency sword or knife, like the Armor Schneider as a back up weapon seems like an obvious gap filler to me.


In this setting, evil monsters, usually from one or more parallel dimensions, roam free around the world. May 11 ’14, 2: The setting was a take off of anime mecha series, like Mobile Suit Gundam or Macross.

That’s my two cents. Am I being silly and misinterpreting what appears on their website? Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

May 11 ’14, The time now is This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat cruxade Level Based Earn XP and level up. November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

In later levels, the player may choose to multiclass their hero. The New World, Part 9: It uses concepts from the core d20 Modern RPG rules and the Urban Arcana and d20 Menace Manual sourcebooks, which are also recommended for use to get the most from the setting.