DA FORM 2408-17 PDF

DA FORM 2408-17 PDF

Feb 24, For use of this form, see DA PAM ; the proponent agency is DCSLOG. EDITION . UHASAM FORM LOGBOOK. Full text of “Army Form A_17” – Internet Archive: 4. 5. ITEM NO. NOMENCLATURE CHECK NUMBER 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. DA FORM , NOV EDITION. Get the U.S. Army Form DA AIRCRAFT INVENTORY RECORD. Description. U.S. Army Form DA Author: U.S. Army. The first page by.

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This index is available only on microfiche. An added number preceded by a slash differentiates between TBs on the same item. If the defect is due to workmanship, the TI informs all maintenance personnel of the problem, its possible effects, and how foorm correct it. See Appendix E for a sample shop safety inspection checklist.

QC management is coordinated with all phases of production and workload control to maintain maximum production effectiveness.

When unit B finally examines the aircraft, they discover that its historical data is either missing or the forms were not filled out correctly.

TIs are also responsible 24408-17 two actions—grounding an aircraft if required by the TB refer to AR and submitting reports required by AR to report compliance with TBs. In a small unit, they may be filed in the maintenance office or QC office.


You can also check the master inventory guide in your TM. A sample signature and initials help eliminate unauthorized use by other personnel. In general, the TI monitors maintenance procedures to ensure the following:. Other publications outlining specific safety precautions are FM Nondestructive inspection details and procedures are fully discussed in TM and TM Detailed description and operating instructions for the most 24008-17 test equipment can be found in the TM -series manuals.

Get copies from the unit safety officer. Minor changes from before being printed.

Aircraft | Half-Mast & PS Magazine

TBs pertaining to two or more different items of equipment within the same FSC have a zero for the third digit. TBs direct one-time inspections of an aircraft or component.

The kit contains an instruction manual and training DVD that explains the simple step process for restoring acrylic aircraft windows. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

FM Chptr 8 Quality Control and Publications

Be sure to check the current supersessions and rescissions section of the index. The assigned technician maintains the aircraft’s weight and balance records. In turn, this helps make sure any property transfers are done correctly. A subnumber preceded by a dash distinguishes between DA Pams with the same basic number. Technical inspections are dx according to the TB. The stamp will be obtained through local purchase.


Only authorized Army-approved publications are used for aircraft maintenance. FMs are also numbered in the same manner as ARs. Refer to TM for information on the preventive maintenance inspection system, acceptance inspection, transfer inspection, and in-storage inspection.

Get the da form 2408 17pdffillercom

It includes the unit designation and TI’s number. TWXs are either informational or apply to specific models of aircraft.

The TI performs the percent inspection by removing all cowling and access panels and inspecting the entire aircraft, including all systems and components. Interim supplements are publication changes issued by TWX when loss of life or serious personal injury is involved.

Once the initial index is received, all further orders are requested using DD Form The right way is with complete and correct paperwork. However, if either the unit XO or maintenance officer also serves as the PC officer, that officer will not rate the TI.