DA PAM 750-30 PDF

DA PAM 750-30 PDF

DA Pam dated 1 July (supersedes DA Pam , dated 28 June in case you were wondering) is titled “The M16A1. : The M16A1 Rifle Operation And Preventative Maintenance DA Pam Original field manual illustrated by Will Eisner in comic form. SUMMARY of CHANGE. DA PAM –3. Soldiers’ Guide for Field Maintenance Operations. This major revision, dated 18 September

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Oil it up and you’re headed for trouble. If absolutely necessary, you can fire right through the pqm. Dirt and powder- fouling — plus an overdose of lube oil — will give you a sluggish rifle.

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If water stays in the lower receiver, it’ll foul up the working parts. Instinctively do- ing the right thing to clear 750-0 weapon and get it firing again, soonest! Here’s a slow motion of the proce- dure you’d best make second nature: Adjust the catch button so’s it’s just about flush with the inner groove or just sticks out a tiny bit.

Cleanliness is a must — and it may save your life! But, on all other trucks, you install a pair of brackets right up front, The Misi gets one to the left of the driver and the other to the right of the passenger. Yeah, this Shorty’s pretty much like the MI6AI — it’s just shorter in the barrel and hand guards, has an adjustable butt stock and a combination noise and flash suppressor.


750-03 a cartridge or case Is ejected, release the charg- ing handle to feed a new round.

DA Pam 750-30

Then dry the areas real good. It doesn’t need any lubing except for the spring. The bracket will handle either the M16A1 or the Mi4, though you may have to do pamm little maneuvering to get the M16 to fit the way you want it.

No sweat adjusting the catch’ the way you want it, either. Engage the receiver O pivot pin. Pm, if you do find a cartridge or case in the chamber, be sure you remove it before you try to reload and recycle your weapon. Clean your rifle every chance you get — times a day’s not too often in some cases. Remove it from your weopon and fietd-strip it at least once a week.

Same idea goes when you’re running patches through. Now, again hit the for- ward assist to make sure the bolt’s closed Don’t try to screw ’em together.

Slide the plate in this way, then press the spring down with your thumb. A rag or swab or even a pipe cleaner dampened with LSA will do the trick 750–30. Of course, this all centers on remov- ing or not removing the components of the lower receiver to do the servicing job. Take care of your magazines — and hang on to ’em.

Second, if you’re gonna keep it bagged more than 24 hours, be sure you eye- ball the weapon every day for signs of corrosion from any moisture or condensa- tion that might form in the bag. Pxm the extractor for chipped or broken edges in the area of the lip that engoges the cartridge rim. If the spring’s weak, replace it.


DA PAM – The Army’s “Slightly Suggestive” Vietnam Era M16A1 Pamphlet | IBOV

Now doublecheck your job. Of course, if the lower receiver ever gets so fouled up that the rifle won’t fire right, then you let support have a whack at it.

Your rifle can’t perform without it. Now, remember, gtt these steps down pat. Anyway, the item you want goes by the moniker: If you see beads of condensation inside the bag, la.

The firing pin would then fall out and — no-fire! Right, every time you clean your Ml6 — and every time you drain water from the bore — take an extra second to make sure the drain hole in the butt stock capscrew is open.

Keep your ammo and magazine as clean and dry as possible. IS Toke handguards off by first pulling down on the slip ring. 75030 cleaning and lubing requirements are the same, too — and if you don’t do ’em Shorty’ 11 act up.

If one or both tangs are busted, there’s no sweat as long as it’ll hold the firing pin in place. Insert the spring and buffer assembly. ;am replace- ment and extra- tough cleaning jobs are for direct or general support only.