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Lateral separation cracks in concrete track slab – Global Railway Review

The fact that the carbonation rate in the crack slows with increasing porosity of the concrete is due to the fact that under such conditions more CO2 enters through the crack into the flanks of the cracks, where it is subjected to chemical compound action — and after which it therefore is not available at greater depths for other chemical reactions. Quantification of water transport induced by cyclic freeze-thaw actions using NMR techniques.

I, Summary paper S. Bruchmechanische Eigenschaften von 40 Beton. Der Dom zu Speyer.


Veröffentlichungen von Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. S. Müller

Wiederaufbau der Frauenkirche Dresden. Sulfatangriff auf Beton — Mechanismen und Prognosemodell. Verwitterung von Sandstein — Mechanismen und Prognosemodell. The role and tools of lifetime management of civil concrete structures.

Self-healing processes that occur in concrete cracks result from various causes: This solution will protect the steel from depassivation. Issue Issue 2 However, the branching of cracks in the vicinity of the reinforcement presumably reduces the noteworthy occurrence of this phenomenon.

Fatigue behaviour of concrete in tension. Frost-attack on concrete — New findings on the mechanisms and prognosis of the degradation process. Beton- und Stahlbetonbau, Jhrg.

Massivbau im Wandel, Festschrift zum Analytical model for predicting time to concrete cover cracking due to corrosion of reinforcement. SeptemberStark, J. Design Procedures for cement-reduced Concrete. Time-dependent behavior of high performance lightweight aggregate concrete In: Selbstverdichtender Beton — Innovationen im Bauwesen, G. Hochleistungsleichtbeton — selbstverdichtend, pumpbar, duktil. Creep and shrinkage of concrete at variable ambient conditions.

Development of an appropriate mortar for sustainable rain water cisterns. Abbruchverfahren massiver Betonbauteile der Energietechnik.

Development and application of UHPC convenience blends. Beanspruchungen von Fahrbahndecken aus Beton. Petersburg, Russland,HeftS. Betonwerk und Fertigteil-Technik, Basics for constitutive modelling towards the next generation of EN Eurocode 2. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Proceedings of the 4th Intl. Modelling the abrasive wear of concrete for probabilistic service life prediction of hydraulic structures. Untersuchungen zu Rissbildungen und Abplatzungen infolge Bewehrungskorrosion.


As only a small fraction of the lattice truss reinforcement can demonstrate corrosion and, if so, only on a locally limited basis, the reinforcement remains properly integrated in the concrete layer, and the serviceability of the system is guaranteed during the intended life cycle. Evaluation of the time dependent behavior of concrete. Simulation of Time Degradation of Porous Materials.

Rissbildung in Betonfertigteilen – Betontechnologische Aspekte. Failure of normal and high-strength concrete under monotonic and cyclic tensile loading. Effect of the test set-up on fracture mechanical parameters of concrete. Modelling of carbonation-induced corrosion of concrete facades. Distinction is necessary between the following two fundamental cases:. Experiments under dry indoor conditions have verified the correctness of the relationships as described above2.

JhrgHeft Nr.