Dale Pendell (April 14, – 13 January ) was an American poet, ethnobotanist, and novelist. Writing in an evocative style all his own, he fused science. In Pharmako/Poeia, Dale Pendell offers a mesmerizing guide to psychoactive plants, from their pharmacological roots to the literary offshoots. “This is a book,”. Dale Pendell Has Written Two Books on Botanical Pharmacopeia That Resonate With a Lusty Wit. He May Be America’s Answer to Blake.

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And we wonder if the status of plants, as representatives of the Other, may not have resonance with the status of other minorities — religious minorities, ethnic minorities, mammalian minorities — and per- haps with the status of women.

That great flower, so weary of time? Lophophora williamsii San Pedro Cactus: Come on, you indoles, you terpenes, you alkaloids, you medicine plants. The virtue of a plant was its truth, its strength. These books are perfectly suited to be read in bite-size morsel. Generative grammar can describe, more or less, the grammar of wild language, but only more or less.

Pharmako/Poeia: Plant Powers, Poisons, and Herbcraft

Mercury is the wheel of motion in the Sulphur. Pendelo made a httle drawing of the way the leaves grow on the twigs and told me I would know the plant by the bitter taste of the bark. A global pandemic kills much of mankind in more than million die in the U. For anyone dsle in the visionary uses of botanicals, there is simply no better writer on the subject than Dale Pendell. This volume deals principally with the use of opium and alcoholic distillations.


But by far the most common method of divination is by oneiromancy, by the dreams and visions experienced while under tobacco-induced pharmacopowia and co- mas. By the balls, by the short hairs, got your tit in a wringer, it does.

Dale Pendell – Wikipedia

After the individual ap- plieation there is the public, marketplace application. Ah, yes, tobacco, tobacco, that brings a frown to my brow!

Or a cool stance: He lives in one instant only, eter- nally preparing the lunar medicine. Sure, there are exceptions — the Eskimos hved entirely by eating other souls — but those are exceptions. Given these premises, deducing that tobacco is indeed food, but spirit food rather than human food, is not so far-fetched.

It makes him for the moment one with truth. Some etymolo- gists claim the Indo-European root medhu- “mead,” is related to similar roots in Akkadian, Hamitic, and other Mediterranean tongues, which would attest to great antiquity indeed. Specific reactions seem to vary with body type and psychology, perhaps also with blood sugar level and other hormonal balances.

Tobacco Tobacco has to do with energy.

Dale Pendell

That plants have virtues, or “vertues,” was known by the ancient herbahsts. For in- tercourse with the Other, the heart of issue.

Chemistry C2H50H, ethyl hydroxide. Just drying the leaves results in a sur- prisingly mild-tasting smoke not neeessarily mild in potency! After its discovery by Europeans in the Caribbean, to- bacco spread around the world more quickly daale any plant in history, before or since.


It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. That should be plain.

You can spot it in a person’s stance and posture. Or a curandero apphes a particular plant to a skin rash, not because the plant causes a similar rash, but because the juice of the plant alleviates the condition.

As poison, it is the type. This demonstrates the power of Pendell’s art as a writer since the book pulls from thousands of disparate and even seemingly unrelated sources: And the triad is Hegelian in the sense that salt feeds back into sulphur. May 26, Adam rated it it was amazing.

This was the main textbook of the course. Reading this is a remarkable experience, and I recommend it highly.

Sometimes Salvia divinorum grows up through the ground where your feet are resting, then rushes up through your legs and body. Body, Time, and Place. A poetic look into the nature of psychoactive plants. If you pass, Sacha Runa will clean you with a bundle ofsutu pendlel leaves. The flowing bowl — whom has it not made eloquent? The developed world now has to work all these questions out, with vast environmental destruction as the stakes.