IBM Datapower Online Training | Datapower Tutorials | ECORPTRAININGS DataPower Appliance – Variances DataPower XI50; 8. DataPower Introduction. Fine-grained authorization Rich authentication XI50 Hardware ESB “Any-to-Any” conversion at wire-speed. The primary three products in the DataPower family are the DataPower XA35, XS40, and XI50, as shown in Figure As you can see, the.

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An Introduction to DataPower SOA Appliances

That concludes the fine tuning of the Web service operations. The use of the term appliance to describe this new class of IT products is no accident.

Base this project on a connection to a DB2 sample database. Now you need to copy the generated artifacts over to the DataPower box.

Throughout this book, you will see just how important these features are and how to leverage them. For example, an XSL Accelerator configuration does not have an explicit back-end setup.

IBM DataPower for Beginners and Professionals: SOAP Web Service Mockup tutorial on DataPower

All you need to do is add a new processing rule to the policy. This model is often found in the DMZ, as its security capabilities are extensive.

Later, this tutorial uses a simple example to show you how to use Data Studio Developer to create a Data Web Service, how to generate the artifacts for DataPower, and how to deploy the service on a DataPower XI50 appliance.


The Data Web Services tooling lets you adjust the result set schema by executing the procedure and taking the schema information from the returned result set metadata. The artifacts are written to a sub-directory inside the Data Development project.

Now it’s time to implement the bindings for non-XML requests. This concludes the work in Data Studio. Furthermore, you learned how to configure a DB2 data source on the Web Sphere DataPower XI50 Integration Appliance, to upload the generated artifacts and configure the different service bindings for the Tutotial Web service.

Now tutorail you understand how to copy the artifacts, you can see how to configure the service. A policy defines a set of one or more processing rules. But now it’s possible to also generate service artifacts for DataPower. You can locate the procedure by navigating to the Stored Procedure folder under the appropriate schema in the database connection in the Data Source Explorer view:.

You can re-use the XSL Accelerator that you setup previously. The DataPower XS40 in the middle in Figure is called the security appliance, and justifiably it is yellow, which represents caution or yield. This gives a wide variety of clients the ability to talk to DB2 — without even being database-aware.

Of course, we go into much greater detail throughout this book. The name needs to match the data source, which you will set up on DataPower to connect to the DB2 sample database. Now the URL-encoded bindings are available.

If you don’t see the artifacts folder, you need to refresh the project by right-clicking the DataPowerSamples project and select Refresh from the menu as Figure 18 illustrates. Figure 2 shows how this process works:.


Each is a hardened 1U rack-mount device in a tamper-proof case with four RJ Ethernet ports, a DB-9 serial port, and a power switch. Think about it—what are the characteristics of your typical household appliances? The DB2 data source setup on DataPower is shown in the next section. A very common format for Web service is XML.

IBM WebSphere DataPower provides a distinct and competitive hardware, software, and infrastructure stack which allows you to address many of the SOA challenges mentioned earlier. Certain attributes should come to mind:. The appropriate cURL command to invoke the service would dwtapower like this:. Every service configuration on DataPower contains a policy setup.

#10 – Application and Services Connectivity – SOA – Application Development – Patterns

The majority of this book focuses on the XI50, as datappower is a superset of the other two models. In case of Data Web services, the requests are terminated at the DataPower appliance and not sent to a back-end system.

Select DataPower as the Web server type. These appliances offer an innovative, pragmatic approach to harness the power of SOA.