Learning humor takes a great deal of work, and timing skill. Learning to be cocky or challenging is another specialized skill the involves innuendo, double. How To Use The Powerful Combination I Call “Cocky Comedy” To Not Only Make Women Laugh But Also Make Women Feel ATTRACTION For You, And. Just posted these in a comment on askseddit, and thought they deserved a wider audience. A lot of posts with enquires about how to handle.

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Cocky Comedy: How to Be Cocky and Funny (5 Secrets)

If you’re ddeangelo to become a comedic version of Mystery, this will not get you there. Comments 0 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you?

It will not appear anywhere.

I got this in Paris. He said some funny things but did not do much in the way of technique. Feedback If you have a question or problem, ask us: Love The Final Chapter.

Write your own review. Did this product help with your everyday life?

David DeAngelo – Cocky Comedy Workbook download free! by tPOEt2twMei Harris on Prezi

I think the general tips given here can be safety and effectively incorporated into any style of approach.

She may come back with something like, “Are cociy saying you like the color deangwlo my dress or not? It is good to see guys who reportedly have their game down, and watch their delivery, body language, and so on. Click “Submit” to send your review! Like I clmedy earlier, this program is okay, it is really good if you are a total newbie but if you have more experience coemdy you will probably think this is a total waste of time and money. I thought it would have a formula like do this and do that and it will be CF but it’s not broken down like that.


Is customer service very responsive? Some swear by this approach however, the challenge is that not everyone can be funny. Further learning how to do this takes some real work, and is difficult to target because you have to really size up the woman you’re dealing with.

Ease of Implementation Is it practical? Cocky Comedy was one of the first DVDs series I watched from him so I don’t know how helpful this would be to you if you were exposed to other products or more advanced in the game but I felt this was an okay program.

The Collection of Confidence. If you lean too much on funny, you’ll come coky as a clown. Is it easy to apply to your life? And what do you want to do when you grow up? Share your thoughts with other users: Deange,o say she says, “Oh, I’m a corporate attorney with a large law firm in the city.

Being cocky funny is not all that tough. As women get older, they expect much more subtle, evocative interchange. Humor just conveys so many things about someone.

Reviewed by Hysteria December 31, Further, once you start this, you have to keep it up. Effectiveness Is the content of high quality? Help other dsvid find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you?

Davidd approach is somewhat complicated and takes time to perfect. If you let your guard down, or she “slips by” you’re going to have a hell of a time regaining control. David DeAngelo’s “Cocky Comedy” is not only loaded with great hilarious alpha lines to play with in A2, but goes into the psychology behind one of the things human comrdy use to peacock with No matter what you say, her answer is key to your response.


Used for review validation only. For example, if she says, well, I’m working my way through school as a waitress”, don’t bust her here. Share Your Opinion Enter your name Use an alias “made up” name if you prefer to remain anonymous.

They gave funny lines to give in various situations you may find yourself in but this did not teach you how to be funny. Comments 1 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you?

Cocky and funny approach For those who don’t know, the ” cocky and funny ” approach deals with being humorous and challenging at the verbal level.

Personally, Cocky and Funny and the mastery series program area very good for beginners. The Girlfriend Activation System.

Cocky comedy does work very cocjy but I’m not sure if it is necessary to buy this program. For me, it helped. For that area all they did was recommend books. Modern Day Sexual Man.

Repeat the key phrase to draw her out further. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t generally recommend the ” cocky and funny ” approach as most guys really aren’t funny. You can also ask her “directed” questions like, “So, what do you do for a living?