Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Gerrold, a Nebula and Hugo Award winner, The Martian Child: A Novel About A Single Father Adopting A Son – Kindle edition by David Gerrold. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. The Martian Child has ratings and reviews. Bobby said: David Gerrold calls his book a novel. I would like to suggest that he wrote a memoir ins. What happens when a science fiction writer adopts a little boy who says he’s from Mars? Prepare to be enchanted. David Gerrold’s bittersweet memoir of his.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I was thinking as a therapist as I read, and was amazed at how some of the “professionals” treated this poor boy, while his new dad had so many good ideas and instincts, and insights. Share this Rating Title: I think even aspiring writers could get something out of this book as he talks about writing and it just seemed to make sense to me, of course I’m not a writer so I may be completely off base with that.

The Martian Child

He writes science fiction and was considered weird as a boy. Edit Did You Know? One of the things I loved about Gerrold’s novel is that he is so open about his sexual orientation, which I know can be hard for many people even in today’s culture which is more ac Davir is a cute book. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

A son who thinks he’s a Martian. It also shows that parents, especially those of us raising kids with special needs, often walk a fine line between accommodating a kid’s genuine needs and being overly if well-meaningly indulgent. Readers interested in the topic might better turn to the several nonfiction works available on the subject. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. And he believed Dennis needed him.


But the heart of the story is immensely sweet, and the first half, which describes the adoption process and the son’s at least initial acceptance of his gay adoptive father, is quite touching. I love the story. Dennis takes things, is expelled, and is coached by David in being normal.

At the very least, it’s heartfelt and uplifting David Gerrold is an emotional guy and he writes a darn good “feel good” story especially when that story is a true story. More touchy-feely than most things I read, but I loved it. David decides that this is, nonetheless, the boy he wants to adopt, and tells the worker: Photo listings, like real estate albums. My mother encouraged education. Having decided to adopt a child, and having cleared the first challenging hurdle of being approved as a potential adopter, Gerrold attends an event that sounds rather like a setting he’s more familiar with–a science fiction convention, but with a really, really different focus, both in programming This is a fictionalized account of David Gerrold’s adoption of his son, at the time an eight-year-old boy who had been “in the system” since birth, and had averaged one placement a year over that time.

The Martian Child: A Novel About a Single Father Adopting a Son

At that age in the 60s where every bad sci fi movie was what played on tv! Retrieved from ” https: David Gerrold relates the process he went through to adopt his son and how he If you go into this book expecting science fiction you’re going to be disappointed. Ritalin to control his violent emotional outbursts. The Bee’s review was dismal, but I went anyway, and I agree with you.

And I hope to learn as much from my child that David Gerrold learned from his. I borrowed this book from the library.

David takes the six-year-old home on a trial. There is a lot of money invested in making a movie and the idea is to make a profit.

I’m not always a fan of his work but this was a grand slam. The book starts out at a fairly normal pace, but halfway through Gerrold abruptly changes gears and goes from describing vavid he tried to help his adopted son, Dennis, to adjust, to actually —though self-consciously—thinking that Dennis may really be from Mars.


And so I typed. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Ddavid from The Martian Child But it’s by a real guy named David Gerrold who really did adopt a kid – I don’t know whether his name was Dennis now, but it’s Sean now, and that’s explained in the Afterword.

Although David had not counted on having a “problem child” for a son, he eagerly gerold the idea. There was a Martian mopping my kitchen floor.

Having been adopted myself, I can readily identify with the notion of feeling that you are so alien that no one would be capable of loving you. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Different from the movie of course, but I don’t think they changed too much. This is my second read through of this book and I think it is one of the few novels that I find the movie to be maartian interesting although I’m disappointed in some of the changes that movie made to make it more PC.

The narrator adopts Danny, a child who believes he’s from Mars. There’s a certain wit that most writers lack these days – whatever happened to them, I wonder. Movie and TV reviews.

The Martian Child – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. David is a widower grieving for two years. Until the reality of single fatherhood set in. In fact, it was a roller-coaster ride that changed his life forever.

Also, on Amazon, this book was described as “semi-autobiographical.