So I admit I’m a bit old fashioned as far D&D lore is concerned. Since I made the jump from 2nd to 5th, my planar lore is mostly of Planescape. Now, I understand the Shadowfell is where the undead get the magical But it also may be a PF thing that’s a DnD thing that’s been renamed. The ash of the drained Shadowfell dead clings to you. Like glitter, you can always seem to find some. You smell like ash too. Your breath is always visible, like.

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I don’t normally comment on articles and such, but I have to say these have been some really good ones! There are, however, lots of ruins, which often looks eerily similar to city in the corresponding place in the material plane.

What drove you here is probably something emotional, your goal. How do you, how do you take this realm of stasis and introduce change to it?

Originally Posted by Millstone Alas, 5e’s lore so far seems to be going for a boring FR-lite version. Yeah, I think the only way it makes sense is if you picture Yeenoghu spreading his taint over every gnoll.

These isolated pockets within the Shadowfell are called domains of dread. Originally Posted by Arkhios. The faster they go, the more dramatic the crash, right. These qualms stem from misapprehensions about the plane, born from mortal fears of death and what might lie beyond. Please take the tour and visit the help center to get an idea for how this site is different from a discussion forum.

It’s just the environment you’re dealing with.


Last edited by Excession; at Just has a cooler name. All times are GMT Thanks for joining in, and please browse some more of the questions and shsdowfell about role playing games.

Legend has it that an otherworldly dimness arose around the remnants shadowfel tatters of the raw stuff of creation. Anything intelligent with a Shadow origin, including undead powerful enough to hide from or resist the Raven Queen, would make sense.

Shadowfell – Rave’s World of D&D

One wants you to lose yourself by becoming an extreme version of yourself. So you imagine as adventurers, you go to the Feywild, you’re dealing with a constantly shifting, dangerous situation.

Still, I kinda feel they are supposed to be the “planar connectors” between upper planes positive plane and lower planes negative plane. What’s the word for ‘fear of being eaten by a mounted bear in half-plate’ again? Answers need to be supported, and opinions are not as useful, nor as helpful, as they might be on a discussion forum. So I have read the other question and done of its answers It’s not just, it’s the land of the Fey.

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But if I remember correctly, the FR version is a creation of the goddess Shar. Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules.

It wants you to become an evil? I don’t think the idea of a multiverse joining every setting as different material planes was ever canon for 4e, and I ignore such things anyway. These crossings often occur in low-lying, deeply shadowed spots—forested hollows, mist-blanketed bogs, shadowfelk the bottoms of caverns and ravines.

I like the symmetry, how the shadow fell is portrayed as a muted ,emotionlessdull, and gray version of the Material Plane and the Feywild is a colorful, vivid, extreme. Check out the 4e source material about the Shadowfell. Are there denizens who populate it? How do you hold on to your identity and remain who you are? There’s just one extreme and the other.


D&D’s Shadowfell and Feywild Explained

Hey, GitP, let’s try to make this a thing: Are there Archfey equivalents in the Shadowfell like there are in the Feywild? They were clever in putting in enough differences as to avoid infringement of intellectual property, but if you ask me, it’s all barely legal, if the Shadowfell and Underdark really are Wizards Of The Coast IPs.

Nentir Valethe Shadowfell was the xhadowfell antechamber of the afterlife.

The Feywild reminds the traveler of the mortal world, but exaggerates its verdant splendor. In my opinion, we shadowfwll a direct match as for what source material the writers used.

For Negative Energy plane it was the Plane of Shadow I forget which one was it for positive energy plane, though I’m pretty sure it isn’t the Feywild. It wasn’t a safe journey and many souls would get lost or worse. Most such connections bear the indelible mark of the Shadowfell. So, Shadowfell, who rules it and who lives in it?

The Shadowfell is more than just a mirror, even as darkly cast and twisted as it is. The most hateful person, the hateful version of myself possible.