For most of us, it was just another horrible headline. But for Deborah Spungen, the mother of Nancy, who was stabbed to death at the Chelsea Hotel, it was both . Below is a transcript of two letters sent from Sid to Deborah Spungen a fortnight following Nancy’s murder. They first appeared in her book, ‘And I Don’t Wan’t to. If you believe Deborah Spungen’s memoir (the Spungen family declined to be interviewed for this article), Nancy devoted her life to pissing people off. Born in.

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When I first met her, and for about six months after that, I spent practically the whole time in tears. He wouldn’t wear a jacket because he would buy this new shirt or something. With no one willing to rein him in, Vicious was free to destroy himself.

Nancy’s mother, Deborah Spungen, recalled Sid being very polite and shy during their phone conversations, and when the deborahh visited the Spungens at their Philadelphia home, Sid was subdued and childlike, even letting Nancy cut his meat for him. As Nancy become xpungen destructive to her family they are faced with an impossible choice, to let her continue to live at home or let her take her chances living on her own.

This is my final commitment to my love” Spungen, During that period, Rotten and Vicious also burned themselves with cigarettes. Jun 27, Zoe rated it really liked it.

Sid’s ideas about the opposite sex seemed contradictory and confused. Often we talk about nature nurture and in this case, unless the author is hiding much, it seems a pure case degorah nature. Nancy then asked Deborah Spungen to look into getting the two of them into a detoxification center.

This is the spunven of a little girl who screamed all day and all night when she was a baby. Like his self-esteem, Sid’s sexuality was fluid and unformed. May 12, Alison rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Spungen instructed her daughter to see a doctor and have the bill sent to her parents.


Feb 21, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. The 70 Best Albums of She was slain by Sid in the Chelsea Hotel in Available to ship in days. Refresh and try again. Essays from a Widow’s Journey” explores Spungen’s difficult transition from being a partner in a loving relationship that lasted 54 years to being a widow, alone and searching for a new sense of self.

Hodder and Stoughton, Leee Black Childers recalled having conversations with Vicious about his sexual orientation: Spungen went through a lot with Nancy to try to save her from her own destruction. Nancy had a bad spnugen.

Is It Too Easy to Hate Nancy Spungen? — New York Magazine

To me she was a goddess. Please try your request again later. I could live without food or water longer than I’m going to survive with out Nancy.

Why she remained deboraah outcast among outcasts. The nights are the worst. Nancy’s family tried to get her help so many times and had the doors slammed in their faces.

I recommend this book very highly and praise Deborah Spungen for her remarkable strength, courage and love. Punk was supposed to piss off everybody and make people think.

Are they just problem children or is there something else going on Could not put this book down.

The mother’s pain, love, and hard work. According to Noel Monk, Sid challenged one of his bodyguards to a fight, and after being beaten up, said, “You’re good enough. I cry every time I think about that.

And I Don’t Want to Live This Life by Deborah Spungen | : Books

They’re the party-poopers” Matlock, Feb 23, Chuck O’Connor rated it really liked it. She always said she would die before she was twenty-one, and I never doubted it.

Reminiscences of friends and acquaintances offer endless contradictions, alternately portraying him as slow, intelligent but inarticulate, sensitive, destructive, kind, angry, passive, and violent.

Because nothing says punk like hip, expensive chain belts they can also come in handy when faced with unfamiliar and dangerous situations. His friend Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders recalled, “I’d seen Sid pull a long link of chain out of his jacket and spin it around to clear an entire dance floor.


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Oh Debbie, I love her with such passion. By the end of the story I was touched deborqh deeply involved with especially when Deborah depicted the scene about how Nancy died and what exactly happened which also included the letters that Sid sent to Deborah after Nancy’s death. Punk wasn’t ours anymore. Rotten hoped that the Sex Pistols’ American tour, which would separate Sid from Nancy, would give his friend the opportunity to get straight.

The Sex Pistols were the first band I was ever really obsessed with and like most of their fans, I hated Nancy.

And I Don’t Want to Live This Life

He just shook it, stuck it in his arm, and got off” McNeil, Hoping to film the Sex Pistols for a documentary, Forcade used Vicious as collateral to ensure that Noel Monk would honor his request for access to the band.

If possible, I would love to see you before I die. Regular old American family! By that point she was already taking drugs and sleeping with musicians. At one point, Nancy was committed to a mental hospital, then sent to a boarding school for troubled kids, before arriving in New York City at the age of Hopefully the mental health care system is better now and children and parents don’t have to go through such torture anymore.

I promised my baby that I would kill myself if anything ever happened to her, and she promised me the same.