De Demmink Doofpot auteur: J. Poot. A carefully written research by Drs. J. Poot about how the Dutch government and the justice department. To my great surprise, I found out that she did not know who Joris Demmink really is and what is Then I referred her to the website ‘The Demmink Doofpot’. About Jan Poot Sr.: Dutch businessman. Poot Founded development companies Eurowoningen and Eurohome he founded Chipshol, a company.

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The three of them subsequently went to swing club Hoeve Bornedries, which, according to de Groot and Labarbe, belonged to former defense minister Guy Coeme who got burnt in the Agusta scandal. Interesting coincidence then that the Dutch subsidiary of this group featured Salomonson among its upper staff.

The Nieuwe Revu and the Metro newspaper revealed his identity as one of the two district attorney’s in June Whether or not the Eric in the testimony of Porsont is Eric Mattheussen, hard to tell. Husband of Queen Beatrix since In Ine Veen’s book ‘Moord Names De Kroon’, about the murder of Pim Fortuyn, the theory is discussed that this same Monzer al-Kasser put together the hit team to take out Maarten van Traa and also that it was Monzer al-Kassar who recruited the Muslim fundamentalist Abu Fatah who in turn became responsible for the fact well, fact, I can’t vouch for it that two different types of ammunition were found in the body of Pim Fortuyn.

I was serious about this unreliable looking mess.

A little lower in this document detailing Hofmans’s activities, the following isolated sentence appears: On the Radio 1 news the seething minister demmiink ‘this form of journalism that is based on rumors’.

Lives in Belgium these days. A boy from 9 doofpit 25! ISGP at this point is really just interested in understanding to what extend these affairs are going, how they influence the media, and to what extend the people discussed in all the articles on ISGP are being blackmailed – and by whom, of course. It is as current as it is possible and the attempts to clean it off by the Main Stream Media and all kinds of people in the police and judiciary are as real as the plague.


The Telegraaf article mentioned one very important aspect of the Rolodex investigation that appears not to have been given attention before or after that piece.

Many of the pictures have been made by himself; other pictures were made on order by other photographers. He and Maurice Lippens, who features even more prominently in Beyond Dutroux, also chaired Societe Generale from that point. The investigation had begun at the direction of the College of Prosecuter-Generals – dootpot by the district attorney of Amsterdam, Vrakking. Friend of Beatrix since her student days.

Demmink Doofpot, De

They were looking for a person named Eric Mattheeussen, who had been accused of taking illegal photographs at a morgue in the aftermath of a rather tragic traffic accident. It would be terrible abuses in the out-of-home placement of children.

Sorel Even een paar nuanceringen op uw bijdrage: TruthHitsEvery 1 dekmink Waarom wordt dit weer gepost? About a year later, demmink doofpot November 27,police conducted a search at this very same address.


Schimmelpenninck has withdrawn as curator of demmnk bankrupt Text Lite. In there were reports that Claus and Salomonson had been visiting gay bars in New York and that the Americans had taken pictures of their escapades. About La Piscine she testified: The knot in the Dutroux trial’H7, online edition: Edmmink Stelling has been citing from all the same sources over the years and I’ve never caught them making anything up.

It is about the truth! She started out by saying: Child abuse accusations always homosexual against Demmink have been mounting since the s. Janet Fellon supposedly fights the pedophilia in England. But without participation of minors.


Poot Wie is Joris Demmink? A guy from 9 really does not close the night of Monday on Tuesday; that guy should be the next one broken. These documents have already been discussed in by a small Dutch website. Here too it was about the systematic abuse of young children and also in this case the tracks ran to the highest regions of the government, which then skilfully covered the ddoofpot and did not shun any means at all.


The change must come from the people and you should not really expect the power bulbs that the media have in their pocket. I worked there for approximately two months. A certain Eric and Nina asked me to approach those higher ups who came to us at La Piscine and left their phone number with offers of special evenings.

By continuing cemmink use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. When police looked around and went to the first floor they found many boxes. Smolders had noticed that a lot of things went on behind the scenes that were illegal. The ground demimnk was just demminj regular cafe, the club was on the first floor. The latter was head of the Dutch branch of the Cali Cartel and one of executives of the cartel in Columbia.

In Beyond Dutroux we already went into that aspect to a considerable extent – so maybe it’s not a total surprise to have come demmmink these two cults. It just doesn’t stop.

Salomonson took his by then former neighbors to court and a process ensued. As for Belgium, it was possible to make a pretty strong case for that. The same goes for any subsequent judicial steps that were taken against Hofmans and-or Mattheussen. That is not true. Four drinks, sauna, swimming pool and the rest.

Maar dat is toeval uiteraard.