Showfoto logo Showfoto is a stand alone Photo Editor based on digiKam Image Editor. Showfoto is a part of digiKam project. digiKam bills itself as a digital photo management application, but it offers much more. We show you how to get started with this cool tool. Maybe I am misunderstanding something; but, it is my understanding that there is a pdf instructions manual that one must install in DigiKam.

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Use this tab to access color management-related data and to analyze the histograms associated with your images. Depth Determine the color depth in bits. To save the search for future use, click on Searches tab on the left side.

Apply raindrop effects to your image.

To select a different one, right-click the respective photograph and select Set as Album Thumbnail from the context menu. List of Figures 6.

Install DigiKam pdf manual ???

Digikam includes its own lean image viewing and editing program. Unless there’s some exciting new feature that’s only available in the latest version of Digikam, it’s usually easiest to take the most recently approved version that http: To create an HTML export of your image collection, proceed as follows: To emulate color filters used with the camera lens, use the Lens Filters tab.


Fuzzy search by sketch hhandbook. Parameters for Classic Theme 9. Digital photography has left most people with thousands of photos that they never look at because they cannot begin to organise them all. Choose font, font style and size.

Chapter Managing Your Digital Image Collection with DigiKam

Another search board hanndbook. Distortion Effects Apply various strange distortion effects, such as fish eyes, to your image. Google Services Export Tool Use this tab to access properties assigned to your images, such as file properties permissions, ownership, modification date, etc.

Levels Adjust Use this option to control multiple levels and to check the resulting image in just one tool. For example, assume that you took several habdbook of animals and distributed them across various albums. Applying Filters and Effects. Restoration Provides an all-inclusive treatment to images exhibiting various digital defects, such as noise and scratches.

Digikam is installable from http: The Light Table in Action 2. Using the color balance tool, you can try to shift the balance towards another end of the color spectrum.

Add borders, edit colors, apply various effects and filters, rename and resize images, recompress them, or perform a RAW conversion.


You can save this search for future use, and edit other existing searches listed under Searches on the left edge of your digiKam window. Select the Settings tab to the right of the download window to rename the image files hxndbook Renaming Options.

Now select Rating from 2 to 5 stars. Watching picture locations on the map. The first collection sigikam created on first start with the First-run Wizard dialogue. The Uploading Progress Dialog Preview. Handboook an image to open a pop-up menu with the options to View the image, to Downloador Delete the image.

Click on Meet any of the following conditions. If this fails, browse the list for your model with Add. Right-click a collection folder and select New Album. The dialog box allows you to create hierarchical tags, too. Digikam reads images straight from your file system, so to get an image from Digikam, all you have to do is handboook in the place you last left it.

To queue images for batch processing and perform the actual processing, proceed as follows:.