This text explains in detail the meaning of death. It also touches subjects like why we are born, why we live, why some fear death and how understanding death. Nonetheless, Āyatullāh Muťahharī always retained great respect and affection of Man · Evils, An Excerpt from Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari’s Divine Justice. Throughout the history of thought and action, the justice of God has been a In the end, I have to thank Muhammad Taqi Ja’fari and Murtadha Mutahhari.

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Mutahharl, is it possible to separate these deficiencies and lacks from the affairs of this world, or not? This is the meaning of our statement: The overall ascent of the world-and especially humanity-and the mission of humanity in managing digine which has been placed justiec its shoulders is a part of the beautiful order of the world.

Here, it must be said that the evilness of snake poison is in its for-other being, not in its dvine itself being. Snake poison is not bad for the snake; it is bad for human beings and other animals that are harmed by it. Of course, without the sun, there would be no shadow as well, but the causality of the sun with respect to shadow is different from its causality with respect to light.

The objection of the dualists was that since there are two types of beings in the universe, the universe must necessarily have two types of origins and creators.

Sign up for a new account in our community. The third part of the discussion reveals the beautiful and unique order of the world of existence, and it can be considered an independent answer—albeit sufficient—or a useful complement to the first answer.

In reality, what is evil by essence is that loss of life itself. It might be easier for anyone currently in the UK. Whether evils be existential or non-existential, and whether they be separable from goodnesses or not, is that which is evil actually evil, without there being any aspect of goodness in it; that is, without it being a preliminary or basis for one or several goodnesses?

I also wouldn’t mind an online or pdf version, but that doesn’t seem to exist either.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Divkne an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Now we must see whether the evilness of evil things is a real attribute or a relative attribute. If a beast mutaahhari prey were to exist but not to prey [on other things], that is, if it were not to cause loss of life for anything, it would not be evil, and if it exists and loss of life takes place, it is evil.


By explaining this point, the objection of the duality of existence is eliminated in its entirety. It is obvious that the second case is correct.

Earlier we promised that out of these four typesof objections, we would discuss the first under the heading “Discriminations” and the remaining three under the heading “Evils. Divine justice requires that rivine vacuums be filled. Thus, such things cannot be discussed as independent things. All Activity Home Book Request: Is this a contradiction?

If someone is denied the right to learn and is prevented from gaining knowledge, that is oppression and evil, since it prevents a perfection and causes a deficiency.

The answer is that there is no more than one type of being in the universe, and that is the existence of good things; evils mutwhhari all of the form of non-being, and non-being is not civine created thing. We consider poisonous and dangerous animals, bacteria, and afflictions to be evil.

Blindness is non-being, and every evil is non-being. Similarly, whiteness and blackness assuming that colours are actual things are real attributes.

The dualists have been unable to harmonize belief in mutahhzri unlimited power and unchallenged will of God and His uncontested decree with belief in His Wisdom, Justice, and Goodness.

Book Request: ” Divine Justice – Mutahhari ” – Off-Topic –

Can it be said that a scorpion is evil for itself? In the view of the dualists, who have divided the world into two divisions, good and evil, and consider the existence of evils to be extraneous, or rather detrimental, and naturally consider them to be from not God but rather a power in opposition to God, God is like a well-intentioned but weak human being who is tormented by existing conditions and is not pleased with them, but is faced with a wicked and ill- intentioned jstice who, in opposition to His desire, creates evils and vices.

Jjustice this analysis is accepted, it is the first step and the first level; its mutahhhari is that it drives from one’s mind the question, who created evils? A wolf is evil for itself? Now that it has been established that evils are all of the form of non-being, the answer to dualists becomes clear.


Death, An Excerpt from Murtadha Mutahhari’s Divine Justice

That is, your explanation which came into being through you is the same in all four instances, divin each of those mugahhari has an attribute peculiar to itself. Register a new account. Thus the evilness of a thing is not mtahhari its innate being; it is in its relational being. Shadow comes about from the limitation of light; rather it is the limitation of light itself. Or are these attributes a series of relational attributes—that are at the same time suppositional and derivational—that come about through your repeated action, which took place in all four kutahhari in the same form, and through a comparison of those four instances with one another?

Rather, the ultimate and real absolute, which is a reality free of every condition, cause, and limitation, is the Divine Essence, and it is from this perspective that the necessity of His Essence is an pre-eternal necessity and not an essential necessity in its conventional meaning. Every thing can be both small and large; it depends what thing we make our base and standard [of comparison].

A thing that is white is white without it having to be compared to anything else, and a thing that is black is black in itself, and it doesn’t need to be compared to something else for it to be black. The example of being and non-being is like that of the sun and shadow. And [their intent] is also not that since evil is non-existential, therefore evil digine not exist; and since evil does not exist, human beings have no obligation, since the obligation of man is to combat evils and evil people and acquire virtues and support good people.

Sometimes relativity is used in opposition to absoluteness; in this case it means that the actuality of a thing depends on a series of conditions; and absoluteness means freedom from a series of conditions. That is, all evils are of the form of non-existence and non-being. On the other hand, real existence—anything which is created and originated and has actual existence—exists for itself, not for other things.

Thus the djvine of a law with respect to ensuring freedoms is relative to other supposable laws which are less able to protect and ensure freedoms than it is.