DL15 Mists of Krynn (1e) – Krynn – a vast, mysterious planet filled with wonder, beauty, and danger. The home of the best-selling Dragonlance. Dragonlance began life as the vision of game designer Tracy Hickman. DL15 Mists of Krynn () and DL16 The World of Krynn (). DRAGONLANCE® adventure for a well- balanced party between 3d and 5th levels, set in the lands of Nordmaar. Although the adventure is best set a gen-.

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Dragons of Faith by Harold Johnson. However, before this new Ddragonlance revival could get any further, the line was included as part of TSR’s cancellations.

In the entire DL module series was reprinted exactly as the originals but in a smaller size. However, fans can once dragojlance enjoy the return of classic Dragonlance material being added to DnDClassics. Author List The list of Dragonlance authors.

This handsome hardcover volume was a massive new tome full of Krynn lore. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Shattered Lands Dark Sun: DL15 also contains source book material. The original series was updated to second edition and repackaged as the three Dragonlance Classics modules.

There were also versions of the module series released inand The War of the Lance Campaign Book”. Tales of the Dratonlance Bard. Shelve World of Krynn. Shelve Dragons of Triumph.

They no longer focused on the Fifth Age.

Greg takes a moment to thank the listeners for sticking around all year long! The other shoe dropped when the powers-that-be at TSR asked for proposals for a trilogy of adventures featuring dragons.

In Dragons of Iceafter leaving Thorbardin, the player characters head south into the polar regions, journeying along the glaciers in search of Icewall Castle.

Shelve D,15 of Despair.


TSR Ad&d Dragon Lance Dragons of Glory Dl11 | eBay

Dragons of Despair by Tracy Hickman. DL11 Dragons of Glory was written by Douglas Niles and Tracy Hickmanwith a cover by Jeff Easleyand illustrations by Diana Magnuson and Jeff Butlerand was published by TSR in as a page pamphlet, an 8-page pamphlet, two large color maps, a cardboard counter sheet, a small zip-locked bag, and a double-thick outer folder.

This website is not published, vragonlance, or specifically approved by Paizo Publishing.

Two additional modules featuring d,15 of adventures, not planned as part of the original series, were added to the DL series inDL15 Mists of Krynn and DL16 World of Krynn. Dragons of Deceit by Douglas Niles. The Annals of Drakis. The set describes the war and the opposing armies, using Battlesystem statistics for both sides.

The publication of the War of Souls also marked an explosion of Dragonlance fiction, written by Paul B.

Archived from the original on In Dragons of Warthe player characters journey to the Tower of the High Clerist, where they will aid the Knights of Solamnia in a pitched battle with the draconians ; this battle can be resolved using Battlesystemor with the simple battle rules included with the module. Dragons of Mystery by Michael S.

Shelve Dragons of Light. These modules were hugely innovative for the fact that they told an epic story of armies transforming the world of Krynn during the War of the Lance.

Reviews of ‘DL15: Mists of Krynn’

It detailed the continent of Taladas on the other dravonlance of Krynn—a setting far enough removed that readers and designer Cook! Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. This scenario involves a wilderness trek through the savage land of Ergoth in search of the Tomb of Huma, the ancient hero who wielded the dragonlances. The project was then developed, under the code name “Project Overlord” to plan the series.


DL15 Mists of Krynn and DL16 World of Krynn on ! – Dragonlance Nexus

For more information about this title, please visit the item detail page. The module series is built around the dragonoance of three “books” that are split up similarly, but not the same, as the Dragonlance Chronicles novel trilogy. Dragons of Triumph is both a scenario and sourcebook; the sourcebook describes the continent of Ansalonbefore and after the war, and all the draconians, creatures, and artifacts of Krynn. Continuing from the previous rragonlance, Dragons of Despairthe players reenact the Dragonlance story using the pre-generated players.

The War of Souls. It also contained some unique societies, such as Roman-like minotaurs.

This page was last edited on 3 Septemberat World of Krynn presents dragonlancs scenarios for player charactersincluding three dungeon crawls a dragon’s lair, a minotaur’s island, and Dargaard Keep, home of the undead and a wilderness quest. In Dragons of Hopethe player characters help the freed prisoners from Pax Tharkas to escape a draconian army, and help them find Thorbardin; to do so, the key to Thorbardin is hidden deep in the lair of an ancient wizard.

Dragonlance Series

The novels proved even more successful than the adventures and started a long sequence of Dragonlance fiction publications, totaling more than novels and anthologies to date. It is a page softcover book by Clark Valentine and Sean Macdonald based on the original modules. Here are the visitor reviews we have of DL Mists of Krynn by Mike Breault. In Dragons of Deceitthe player characters undertake a quest to the evil city of Sanction to find a way to free the good dragons from their oath not to battle evil.