Mediante la educación diabetológica es posible transmitir los conocimientos sobre la enfermedad y el tratamiento para que los pacientes con DM1 y sus. Programas de Educación diabetológica. Supervivencia 3 días. Conocimientos mínimos y apoyo psicológico para tratar la enfermedad. Transcript of Educación diabetológica. EDUCACION DIABETOLOGICA 1. Glucemia capilar: Los padres comenzarán a realizar las glucemias.

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What amount of total basal insulin did you use yesterday?. Education sessions stress basic concepts of the disease insulin, carbohydrate portions, basic nutritional concepts, sensitivity index and its daily management types of insulin, administration methods, characteristics of each systemwith interactive explanation of educaciin and practical concepts and supervising the insulin administration method after calculating with ratios and sensitivity indexes the dose corresponding to specific food portions.

For this, adequate and continued diabetes education of patients and families is required. According to various patient-therapy-education indicators, only some one-quarter to one-half of the studied patients could play an active, effective role in DM control viabetologica treatment.

A limitation of the study was that the questionnaire used in each treatment modality was a non-validated diabetologida into Spanish; for CSII, a translation of the original Mitchell questionnaire, and for MDI an adaptation by the authors. The education level of the main caregiver was not considered in this study. Who does usually calculate the dose of insulin?.

Introduction Type 1 diabetes mellitus T1DM is the most common form of diabetes in children. Patients and methods An observational, cross-sectional, non-interventional study was conducted on the knowledge and skills of families about management for diabetes.


The conclusion of such studies is that the better the metabolic control, the greater the quality of life perceived. Mean HbA1c levels in the previous year was considered as metabolic control marker.

Continued diabetes education is essential to achieve motivation and implication of families for reaching treatment goals and blood glucose control. You can change the settings or obtain more information by clicking here.

Educación diabetológica

IBM SPSS Statistics version 22 software was used for statistical analysis of basic descriptive data absolute and relative frequencies, diabeyologica, and standard deviations and Student’s t and Chi-square tests were used for hypothesis testing. Another questions with a greater proportion of failures were those referring to duration of insulin action in both surveys and time from injection to intake in the MDI questionnaire.

What is the current total basal rate?

The study by Mitchell et al. Caregivers of patients with better metabolic control manipulated more often the infusion device, and answered that their degree of participation was the same or less since therapy had been changed from MDI to CSII.

Diabetes Specialities Centre, Chennai, India.

Educación diabetológica | 40 Horas 65 € | Eccacaceres Fundacion | Flickr

J Pediatr Nurs, 20pp. How to cite this article. Edcacion of mean scores in the questionnaire and HbA1c levels by treatment group, education level of the main caregiver, and age group. McCarty D, Zimmet P. Subscribe to our Newsletter. One hundred and five patients out of the more than patients regularly monitored at the unit participated in the study.


The results of the study suggest the effectiveness of systematic diabetes education. Oxford University Press; Comparing patients who had had diabetes for 5 years or less with those who had had the illness for more than 20 years, the frequency of renal insufficiency and of amputations was around 7 times as great in the latter group; for peripheral neuropathy, it was 2 times as great, and for stroke 1. Diabetes to SRJ is a prestige metric based on the idea that not all citations are the same.

Health Administration Press; Manuscrito recibido el 23 de mayo de A model educational program for people with type 2 diabetes: J Med Liban, 62pp.

Experience at the M. The study was approved by the ethics committee of the hospital. Revista de la Sociedad Argentina de Diabetes ; CSII therapy requires a diabeotlogica degree of diabetes education provided more continuously and with greater interaction. Moreover, parents are more dedicated to care of diabetes in young children.

It publishes the best original articles of large research institutions, as well as prestigious reviews. Four pediatric endocrinologists and two diabetes education nurses collaborated in the study.

Type 1 diabetes mellitus. What is the dose of long-acting analog used by your child?.