Esteban Echeverria was an Argentine poet, writer and political activist and also one of Latin America’s most important literature figures, as he. El Matadero – Esteban Echeverría (/). Copy of the work is available here. Nice, quick read! Also, some interesting notes on wikipedia. resumen de “el matadero” de esteban echeverría diré solamente que los sucesos de mi narración pasaban por los años estabamos en cuaresma, época.

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Preparen la mazorca y las tijeras. As regards “The Slaughter Yard”, said Carilla: The City of Buenos Aires has been isolated by floods.

El Matadero

Echeverria starts the short story by questioning The Church; he makes use of religious allusions and metaphors. Pero para que el lector pueda percibirlo a un golpe de ojo preciso es hacer un croquis de la localidad. Retrieved from ” https: He remained in Uruguay until his death in La aventura del gringo en el pantano excitaba principalmente la risa y el sarcasmo.

Cuarenta y nueve reses estaban tendidas sobre sus cueros y cerca de doscientas personas hollaban aquel suelo de lodo regado con la sangre de sus arterias. De Wikisource, la biblioteca libre. Sea como fuere; a la noticia de la providencia gubernativa, los corrales del Alto se llenaron, a pesar del barro, de carniceros, achuradores y curiosos, quienes recibieron fcheverria grandes vociferaciones y palmoteos los cincuenta novillos destinados al matadero.

They mistakenly classified El matadero as a novel instead of a short story, but it would have scored top in either category.


rockthecomps: El Matadero – Esteban Echeverría (/)

His mattadero are said to be buried at Buceo Cemetery. En fin, la escena que se representaba en el matadero era para vista, no para escrita. The protagonist is violently stretched out on the torture-table and he develops paroxysms of uncontrollable rage, demanding to have his throat cut rather than submit to this indignity.

One more animal remains. En dos por tres estuvo desollado, descuartizado y colgado en la carreta el maldito toro. Forty-nine bullocks are slaughtered, flayed and quartered with axes. Todos murieron o de hambre o ahogados en sus cuevas por la incesante lluvia.

Furthermore, his horse bears a esteabn or gringo saddle [note 7] — in the crowd’s mentality, the sure sign of the effete city slicker.

But he pointed out that Gutierrez had a habit of unilaterally “correcting” the works of the authors he edited for editors of that era, his was a not uncommon failing ; supplying copious examples.

Esto se notaba al principio de la matanza. The action takes place on some unspecified date in the s during the season of Lent. At that point the slaughter yard Judge rides up and orders that the protagonist be taken to his shed, which is also a rudimentary courtroom.

“El Matadero” por Esteban Echeverría

Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. This section needs expansion.

A few years back I had to analyze this story for a Spanish literature class, and the original spanish version manages to be even more explicit and grotesque.

Carllla then turned to Gutierrez’s editorial notes on the story. The “bullock” is then cut open and proves after all to possess an enormous pair of retracted testicles — much to the amusement of the crowd, which by now has forgotten the decapitated boy.


The slaughterhouse was Argentina and the cattle were the people. The reader is given to understand that the meat is really intended for privileged persons including Rosas himself and his corrupt clergy.

The Slaughter Yard – Wikipedia

After the crowd has shouted threats and ribald insults the Judge orders everyone to shut up and sit down. Depriving the Unitarians of personal identity, and comparing the Unitarian to a bull with balls. mtadero

No trae divisa en el fraque ni luto en el sombrero. It may be fruitfully compared with the vernacular Spanish of the city that is in use today, long ecgeverria the massive Italo-Hispanic immigrations of the early twentieth century. Your conclusion and the metaphor are very insightful.

He became one of the movement’s promoters once he returned to Argentina.

The reader is assumed to understand the inward significance of the word Mazorca mazorca is Spanish for “corncob”: The animal escapes and heads off to the city, pursued by a crowd, which, incidentally, tramples a passing Englishman. This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents.