[Introductory note: The Patriarcha of Sir Robert Filmer () ranks among the commonwealths.3 The latter, in his book De Jure Regni apud Scotos. Results 1 – 30 of 65 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Robert-Filmer books online. Patriarca o el poder natural de los reyes / Patriarch or Natural. La polemica Filmer-Locker (!) sobre la obediencia política: Patriarca, de Robert Filmer: Sobre el gobierno, de John Locke. Estudio preliminar de Rafael Gambra.

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Kings were before Laws. In this Division of the World, some are of Opinion that Noah used Lots for the distribution of it; others affirm he sayled about the Mediterranean Sea in Ten years, and as he went about, appointed to each Son his part, and so made the Division of the then known World into Asia, Africa, and Europe, according to the number of his Sons the Limits of which Three Parts are all found in that Midland Sea. Paul coupleth with Power, St.

His said Commons not willing nor desiring to demand things of Him, which should fall in Disinherison e, Edition: Thus they facilitate the Ep of the King, by making the Laws unquestionable, either to the Subordinate Magistrates or refractory Multitude. And notwithstanding all these things before-mentioned, or any part Edition: It may be answered by some, That if either the Greatest part of a Kingdom, or if a smaller part only by Themselves, and all the Rest by Proxy; or if the part not concurring in Election, do after, by a Tacit Assent ratifie Edition: If the Nature of Laws be advisedly weighed, the Necessity of the Princes being above them may more manifest it self; we all know that a Law in General is the command of a Superior Power.

Robert Filmer

His position was enunciated by the works which he published in his lifetime. By Proxy, and by silent Acceptation.

Nor must it here be said, that Christ taught this Lesson only to the conquered Jews, for in this he gave Direction for all Nations, who are bound as much in Obedience to their Lawful Kings, as to any Conquerour or Usurper whatsoever.

In every family there is government, in every family there is subjection, and subjection of the most absolute kind: Meaning he should earn his Privileges, by doing the work for Edition: Also in the 13 th Year of his Reign when the Commons did pray, that upon pain of Forfeiture, the Chancellour or Council of the King, should not after the end of the Parliament make any Ordinance against the Common Law; the King answered, Let it be used as it hath been used before this time, so as the Regality of the King be saved, for the King will save His Regalities as His progenitors have done.


Memorable is the Example of Cassius, who threw his Son headlong out of the Consistory, publishing the Law Agraria, for the Division of Lands, in the behoof of the People; and afterwards, by his own private Judgment put him to Death, by throwing him down from the Tarpeian Rock; the Magistrates and People standing thereat amazed, and not daring to resist his Fatherly Authority, although they would with all their Hearts, have had that Law for the Division of Land: Whether doth it not then Divolve to the People?

Patriarcha, or the Natural Power of Kings – Online Library of Liberty

Next, saith Suarez, Community did not begin at the Creation of Adam. Likewise when for the same Cause Complaint was made by the Commons, Anno 3. Now if a private person make a Contract, either with Oath or without Oath, he is no further bound than the Equity and Justice of the Contract ties him; for a Man may have Relief against an unreasonable and unjust Promise, if either Deceit, or Error, or Force, or Fear induced him thereunto: For when their King Codrus understood by the Oracle, that his Country could not be saved, unless the King were slain in the Battel: These are the Families of the Sons of Noah after patriwrca Generations in their Nations; and by these were these Nations divided in the Earth, after the F lood.

We may observe, in these Words of the Articles Filker If the Multitude for I see no Body else can then this is a pestilent and dangerous Conclusion. The Fathers have drawn roebrt of the very Assemblies their iflmer Sons; when being Tribunes, they have published Laws tending to Sedition.

Gilmer although a King do frame all his Actions to be according to the Laws, yet he is not bound thereto, but at his good Will, and for good Example: Howsoever some are afraid of the Name of Prerogative, yet they may assure themselves the Case of Subjects would be desperately miserable without it.

Suarez the Jusuite riseth up against the Royal Authority of Adam, in defence of the Freedom and Liberty of the people; and thus argues. Is there any Example of it ever found in the Whole World?

God out of a special Love and Care to the House of Israel, did choose to be their King himself, and did govern them at that time by his Viceroy Samuel, and his Sons; and therefore God tells Samuel, They have not rejected Thee, but Me, that I should not Reign over them. For in a like Case, because R.


Likewise the Deposition of King Richard II, was a tempestuous Rage, neither Led or Restrained by any Rules of Reason or of State —— Examine ptariarca Actions without a distempered Judgment, and you will not Condemn him to be exceeding either Insufficient or Evil; weigh the Imputations that were objected against him, and you shall find nothing either of any Truth or of great moment; Hollingshed writeth, That he was most Unthankfully used by his Subjects; for although, through the frailty of his Youth, he demeaned himself more dissolutely than was agreeable to the Royalty of his Estate, yet in no Kings Days were the Commons in greater Wealth, the Nobility more honoured, and the Clergy less wronged; who notwithstanding, in the Evil-guided Strength of their will, took head against him, to their own headlong destruction ptariarca partly during the Reign of Henry, his next Successor, whose greatest Edition: In the non-juror Charles Leslie devoted twelve successive roberr of the weekly Rehearsal to explaining Filmer’s doctrines and published them in a volume.

Heaps of Scripture saith he are alledged, concerning the Solemn Coronation or Inauguration of Saul, David, Solomon and others, by Nobles, Ancients, and the people of the Commonwealth of Israel; as if these Solemnities were patriadca kind robet Deed, whereby the Right of Dominion is given; which strange, untrue, and unnatural conceits, are set abroad by Seed-men of Rebellion, only to animate unquiet Spirits, and to feed them with possibilities of Aspiring unto the Thrones, if they can win the Hearts of the People; whatsoever Hereditary Title any other before them may have.

Online Library of Liberty

We have enjoyed a Succession of Kings from the Conquest now for above years a time far longer than ever yet any Popular State could continue we reckon to the Number of twenty six of these Princes since the Norman Race, and yet not one of these is taxed by our Historians for Tyrannical Government. It can never stand without Wars, either with an Enemy abroad, or with Friends at Home. Again, the Israelites never shrank at these Conditions proposed by Samuel, but accepted of them, as such as all other Nations were bound unto.