Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Author Boese (Hippo Eats Dwarf, The Museum of Elephants on Acid – Kindle edition by Alex Boese. Download it . Alex Boese’s collection of bizarre scientific anecdotes illuminates matter – by Boese’s own estimation, Elephants on Acid is a book you dip. Elephants on Acid by Alex Boese, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Once again, keep in mind. Hence those horrible jokes and puns.

Everyone knows the don’t judge a book by its cover rule, and I’ve read enough books to know the truth behind the golden book rule but that doesn’t mean that I totally exclude all the aesthetic value of a book! Again, the experiments involving reanimation are especially disgusting, though the knowledge that we gained from them may balance out the horrors. It’s a light and entertaining read, with plenty of references to go deeper if you so choose. He lives near San Diego. This leads directly to the other problem Boese presents a catalogue of truely bizarre experiments, giving a short essay on each and collecting them into themed chapters.

Feb 04, Jason rated it really liked it Shelves: Have you ever wondered if a severed head retains consciousness long enough to see what happened to it?

Elephants on Acid : Alex Boese :

Definitely not a good pubic reading book. An entertaining and informative book on bizzare scientific experiments that have been done so far. Boese’s off-the-cuff observation that the Cold War had its surgical and psychological aspects is not staggeringly original but it does mollify our easy outrage at such elephamts ‘mistakes’.

Jul 16, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: I remind myself that this book concentrates examples of bad practice and most researchers borse not wish to be associated with the people discussed and I don’t suggest you avoid this book.


Review: Elephants on Acid and Other Bizarre Experiments by Alex Boese

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. If you wanted to hear stories of elephants on acid, racing cockroaches or the psychology of humans then this the book for you. I can see why investigators in these fields must now put elephajts to an ethics comittee – a goodly number of these experiments would not take place if put forward today.

Elephants on Acid Alex Boese book reviews: Some experiments were so disturbing, I had to stop reading for a while or jump to the next chapter.

I could have unwittingly taken part in several, already. I read it straight thru in no more than a couple sittings but this is for sure the kind of book you can put down and pick back up as many times as you want without losing anything in the exchanges. Robert White’s attempt to isolate a monkey’s brain by removing, piece by piece, the face and skull, absolutely belongs in this book – but it is delivered so early that it’s one hell of a hurdle to clear in the first five minutes elephante reading.

Return to Book Page. In Elephants on Acid, Alex Boese reveals to readers the results of not only this scientific trial but of scores of other outra When Tusko the Elephant woke in his pen at aled Lincoln Park Zoo on the morning of August 3,little did he know that he was about to become the test subject in an experiment to determine what happens to an elephant given a massive dose of LSD. This book learned me that ‘the elephant memory’ really exists.

ELEPHANTS ON ACID by Alex Boese | Kirkus Reviews

It’s laid out in a sensible fashion: Sometimes you just need to re read a fascinating, fun favorite. If you’re not a scientist, you might love it too, but i won’t vouch for it. Not only the facts, significance, and controversies surrounding a particular experiment, but more importantly he also goes into great depth, the life and mind of the individual s behind them and the fabulous amount of history involved.


Also by Alex Boese: You should bring your moral judgments to this book; it encourages you to do so. I had read about most of the included studies before, and it would have been nice to get a little more obscure research, but I’m sure most of elepbants is new to the general audience.

Elephants on Acid: And Other Bizarre Experiments

Jun 05, Neenee rated it liked it Shelves: This book shows its age on subject matter that most people wouldn’t enjoy reading about unless they enjoy reading about the mistakes and science errors made to get where we are now.

I’d give this piece of shit book, which I ripped up at the point the writer started nonchalantly talking about brain damaging a fuckload of cats just to see whether or not they might be able to sleepwalk, negative every single deluded 5 star review it has on this site, if I could.

In the behaviourist Burrhus Skinner invented a comfortable, labour-saving crib for his baby daughter – only to be pilloried for imprisoning her in an experimental ‘box’. Read Elephants on Acid and find out!

The author could address its ethical concerns a little bit more.