In Crank, Ellen Hopkins chronicles the turbulent and often disturbing relationship between Kristina, a character based on her own daughter, and the “monster,”. Crank is a novel by Ellen Hopkins published in It is based loosely on the real life addictions of her daughter to crystal meth. The book is required reading. Glass is the second novel in the verse novel series Crank by Ellen Hopkins, published in hardcover in August and in softcover on April 7, The third.

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I’ll need to get my hands on the next two books. No one wants to take the time to figure out how the heck to read this, but you’re forcing them to. No, not doing drugs.

Crank Series by Ellen Hopkins

That is just crappy! Plenty of dust kicked up already”. The narrative ends with Kristina implying that she is still using drugs, but is trying to stop. This is someone else entirely. Like a seed planted in your body, Crank is an unforgettable read that sweeps you up into a whirlwind of drugs, sex, seires the choices and mistakes you must make when growing up. I wonder what might happen if I smoked weed or popped a few pills.

I know there are people who didn’t like this book. Publishers Weekly praised Hopkins, saying, “The author is definitely on a mission, she creates a world nearly as consuming and disturbing as the titular drug.


Sadly, we never find out. Wow, quick read 2 19 Jun 20, We have a protagonist, here, who becomes captive of what she refers to as the monster. This one is probably one of her more dark books, if not the darkest. Retrieved March 23, Carnk by Ellen Hopkins. By that time, she started a business and already has three kids namely: Crank by Ellen Hopkins.

Crank Series

She will piss you off to no end, yet you will likely still feel sympathy towards her. I was one of them, but in a different way.

The author used an indirect approach in making the readers realize how dangerous drug abuse is. Gifted, excelling in school, popular, held in a high regard. I know Crank was esries to bring to light all the dangers of drugs and how using will destroy your life and blah blah blah. Crank is a novel by Ellen Hopkins published in Retrieved from ” https: You’re a dream I never want to wake up from.

It is small and thick kind of shaped like a bag of cornmeal however had I not started it at 10 PM, I would most sreies have read it in one sitting. So although Cr This is one of those books I can’t give a star rating to–at least not by the definitions goodreads assigns. The main character was very relatable, though I have never done drugs, one finds ellem sympathizing with her and her struggles.

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It is a superbly realistic and terrifying book in its own right. Ellen Hopkins is able to convict a lot of raw emotion in very few words. I needed more, so I became attached to Crank. Of course, as a natural daughter of a writer and a poet, she believes that this talent and gift runs through her too.

Kristina never would have been attracted to Chase or Brendan. I just don’t really have words for it. I give this book 4 stars! How was the rapport odd?

Bree has taken her place. And in ssries ways I did- Not because it was slow, boring, or uncreative, but because it grossed me out seeing how anyone, even I, could meander down the wrong path so easily. Home About Books Appearances Reference.

Kristina used to be a good girl.

Skins UK to be exact. Nov 04, Sandra rated it really liked it. This paucity of concrete detail riddles the novel and drains the narrative of tension. Feb 19, Humberto Cnca rated it really liked it. If you didn’t like it or even just didn’t bother to read it, like yours truly, this is not the book for you.