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Pillole dei Saggi – Enzo Rullani, Venice International University

In this “global village” the reduction of virtual distance brings together a variety of specialist skills and capabilities through which it is possible to establish a deeper division of labour in the production and use of knowledge. Your Mobile number has been verified!

The case of Italy is emblematic as regards this phenomenon Varaldo, ; Schiattarella, ; Grandinetti, ; Grandinetti, Rullani, ; Bonaccorsi, In this respect, internationalisation is a condition that both small and large firms must achieve regardless of the barriers, the costs and the obstacles that may exist.

In order to demonstrate this statement, and more generally speaking to underline the crucial role that the circulation of knowledge has always played in international economics, we should proceed in stages.

This allows a wider extension of labour division than can be observed in the narrower circuits of shared experience and direct contact Rullani, All of this is to improve our services. It differs greatly, however, from the review of T. At the same time, they can exploit the advantage of their limited size and the specific features of their local environment on a very large scale through the links they can establish with international demand, rulpani, suppliers and clients.

This paper maintains eenzo the theoretical myopia we suffer in this field is due to a sort of optical illusion, that arises from two sources of ambiguity:.

Common sense suggests they are, to a certain extent, international. This scarce attention is not casual, but is due to a more fundamental and general distortion in conventional theory’s attitude towards small firms: Besides size, many other differences and conditions have a great influence on the behaviour and performance of small firms. Peter Jones – – Outlines.

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Channels within the multinational company, on the other hand, have sufficient capacity but their extension is confined to the demand that is directly controlled by the firm. The s brought about the discovery of a rather significant level of internationalisation among small firms.


Internationalisation processes must obey this rule whatever form they take. However, it also appears in most industrialised countries in forms that are similar to Italy’s Ford, Rosson, ; Rothwell, Beesley, ; Forrest, Therefore, in our paper we will consider not an average and non-existent small firm, but only firms of the third kind, assuming the hypothesis that each small firm acts and learns inside a larger network of suppliers and clients.

The economy is able to globalise due to the fact that the new forms of communication reduce the time required, and therefore the virtual distance, that divide the subjects and their decisions. L’architettura disviluppo delle imprese minori. In the same way, several small firms operating within international chains of production have requalified their relations with industrial buyers.

This implies the development of stable and interactive relations between many independent firms. It would be incorrect to classify them as scarcely internationalised or not internationalised at all, as would be the case according to traditional theory, since, in reality, they simply possess another form of internationalisation ; a form that to traditional theory could appear as invisible as the organising hand that is supposed to assist inter-firm market relations.

In particular, we have now a framework to explain the different patterns that internationalisation has assumed in each phase of industrial development. Market transactions will only allow for the circulation of standard knowledge that is incorporated within the goods.

In this light, since it is practically open to all potential enzoo and users, international trade is a channel with a very large extension but with limited capacity.

Update your profile Let us wish you a happy birthday! Managing Corporations in Networks.

At that time, it was possible to study international operations as an independent subject. We are not referring to the export performance of small firms in the last few decades, which has already been established, though not always sufficiently recognised in the present theories of internationalisation. While analysing the value chain another aspect comes to light. Theorising Activity in the Shadow of Marx.

So far, the principal theories have associated internationalisation with large firms thus confining the role of small-scale manufacturers within regional, or at most, national markets with only occasional but modest foreign involvement. What happens when I have an item in my cart but it is less than the eligibility threshold? If this organisation is broken up into its single elements, according to the traditional approach, rullnai collective learning process, through division of labour, becomes unobservable.


The competitive advantage of each firm is the synergic result of ruloani its own experimental learning and that of the network.

Sunk internationalisation : small firms and global knowledge РPers̩e

Segmentation du travail cognitif et individualisation du salaire. This is the driving force behind the process of globalisation since it confers an international quality to the context within which all firms, not only large firms, are able to convert knowledge into products, production processes and organisational structures.

Porter’s formulation of this concept, the value chain represents the series of production operations and services that constitutes the flow of value generation from the raw materials stage through to the finished product Porter, This situation forces them to redefine the relationship between local and international projections.

The local dimension is not suppressed, but rather the inter- nationalisation process establishes a link between local and global. On the contrary, small firms can develop these functions in a competitive way and on a competitive scale only thanks to a stable network of relations with the suppliers of machinery, materials, components and services ; and with the main intermediate or final clients which have developed a co-operative attitude towards the firms themselves.

Each firm contributes to the expansion of the pool of knowledge to which it has access, and enlarges the sphere in which rrullani own information can be used, thanks to its investment in the construction and maintenance of a social system where even complex information and knowledge can be exchanged. enzp

Considering the difficulties mentioned above, it must also be stressed rullanni, the internationalisation processes of small firms present a picture which is both articulated and dynamic. The firm is able to produce value by connecting two polarities that exist within it: