Why does epydoc render one of my epytext-formatted docstrings as plaintext? How can I exclude a specific object from the generated documentation?. The epytext markup language is used by epydoc to parse docstrings and create In particular, the following docstring generates an error, since the sublist is not . Epydoc can automatically generate a variety of graphs, including class tress, package trees, uml class graphs, and import graphs. These graphs may be.

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Two frames on the left side of the window contain a table of contents, and the main frame on the right side of the window contains API documentation pages. To customize the output, click on the Generzte arrow at the bottom of the fpydoc. This will create a directory named epydoc containing the latest version of epydoc. These tags can be used to specify attributes of parameters and return value of function and methods.

Epydoc: What’s New

The following example illustrates how index terms can be used:. The heading is a single underlined line of text. The three options can be used any number of time, effectively allowing to link towards all the required external packages. The following example illustrates how paragraphs can be used: Next, epydoc looks for an object with the given name in the current module. Epytext is a lightweight markup language for Python docstrings. Note that the description is indented four spaces.


For example, generatte the following example: Whitespace within object names is ignored. Displays the callers and callees of each function or method.

python – How to generate pdf with epydoc? – Stack Overflow

You can browse the subversion repository here. If Docutils is not installed, then reStructuredText docstrings will be rendered as plaintext.

There are two reasons. The following graphs generation constructions are currently defines: Generatte Blocks Doctest blocks contain examples consisting of Python expressions and their output. It should be one of: Patches should be submitted with the Sourceforge patch tracker be sure to describe what your patch does! In particular, the following docstring generates an error, since the sublist is not separated from the paragraph in its parent list item by indentation: Gendrate is an ordered list item.

For a list of the CSS classes used by epydoc, see the default stylesheet.

Block Structure divides the docstring into nested blocks of text, such as paragraphs and lists. Inherited objects are gathered into groups, based on which class they are inherited from. In particular, the following docstring generates an error, since the sublist is not separated from the paragraph in its parent list item by indentation:.

You can specify which stylesheet should be used using the -c command-line option. If you have suggestions for improving the appearance of the generated output, please let me know. These tags are usually put in a module or class docstring.


Using Epydoc

The type tag can be attached toa property docstring to specify its type. Docstring Input Rendered Output.

Epydoc creates two subdirectories, for the public and private documentation. The following example illustrates how symbols can be used to generate special characters: Epytext warnings do not prevent the docstring in question from being parsed.

If PATH does not exist, then it will be created. Feedback Report a bug Suggest a feature Author: This may decrease the amount genearte information that epydoc can extract from your project. Each list item is marked by a bullet.

This is typically caused by a typo in the parameter name. Thanks in advance for your help. Revision then it will be possible to set a value for the field using a module variable: If you are installing on Windows, I recommended yenerate you use the windows installer. The following example illustrates how paragraphs can be used:. The following sections describe how to use each type of block structure.

Automatic detection of imported variables. If no module is specified, and the directive is used in a module’s docstring, then that module’s import graph will be displayed.

Of course this doesn’t help to really create cross references: Every list must be separated from surrounding blocks by indentation: