Stream Nox Aurumque by ericwhitacre from desktop or your mobile device. Lyrics to ‘Nox Aurumque’ by Eric Whitacre: Gold, Tarnished and dark, Singing of night, Singing of death, Singing itself to sleep. And an angel dreams of. Lyrics for Nox Aurumque (Night and Gold) by Eric Whitacre. Aurum, (Gold) Infuscatum noctis, (Tarnished and dark) Canens noctis, (Singing of.

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Gold, Singing of wings, Singing of shadows. Share on facebook twitter tumblr. Compositions by Eric Whitacre Contemporary classical compositions Choral compositions zurumque Compositions in C-sharp minor Christmas music Concert band pieces.

Retrieved 7 February He communicated impressionistic images of an angel, the emotions of that angel, and other evocative images, darker than usual for him. Melt from weapon to wing! Whitacre had taken a tiny fragment of Christmas poetry that spoke of the quality of light that accompanied the angels as they sang to the newborn Christ child. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Streams Videos All Posts.

And the Latin had to be correct—it had to conform to the rules of Latin grammar—to satisfy my need as a scholar. Aurum, Infuscatum et obscurum, Canens noctis, Canens mortis, Acquiescens canendo…. A second section begins with the same word “aurum” goldwith the change from “tarnished and dark” for the dream to “tarnished and weary” for after the war; Whitacre sets the prayers for the golden weapons to melt into wings again with characteristically fluid harmonies and textures ruled by the upper sopranos as had been many moments in Lux aurumque.


Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 22 May This chord is really the very first thing I wrote for Paradise Lostway back in January of Differently from other works of the composer, the piece is suitable for church servicesespecially for Christmas. Any text I composed had to fit within the parameters of that structure.

The composer conducting, in The inspiration for the work was a short poem in English, “Light and Gold”, by Edward Esch bornwhich begins with the word “Light” and ends “angels sing softly to the new-born babe”. Et angelum somnit aurorarum et bellorum, Saeculorum aurorum fundit lacrimas, Lacrimas rerum bellorum. Here is a summation of our process together, recalled by the poet himself:.

Let us soar again, High above this wall; Angels reborn and rejoicing with wings made Of dawn, Of gold, Of dream. Second, Eric had strong ideas about the meaning of the text. Gold, Tarnished and dark, Singing of night, Singing of death, Singing itself to sleep. Eric was very specific about the number of syllables in this line, the necessary word-painting aurumqud that line, etc. Gestu graves nimium, Graves nimium volatu.

Nox Aurumque – Music Catalog – Eric Whitacre

I humbly ask these critics to consider the nodus triplex with which I was presented, and see this poem for what it is—lyrics to a choral work, not a sequel to the Aeneid. He asked his poet friend Anthony Silvestri, however, first to translate the English poetic text into sounds of Latin and wrote music for that Latin version and its “purer” vowels. In writing it, I wanted to echo some of the musical material in Lux Aurumquewhile at the same time filling it with themes from Paradise Lost.


That music that was already germinating in Whitacre ‘s mind immediately distinguishes itself from its companion Lux aurumque. Third and most challengingthe text had to flow effectively in Latin.

Melt from weapon to wing! Though both pieces begin with a meditation on the first Latin word, Nox aurumque begins on the earthly word “gold,” and its chords are more tinged with dissonance. The cello plays the theme as underscore: Latin affected the English, and English affected Latin, in a tug of war between meaning and grammar. Inhe wrote an arrangement for wind ensemble.

Nox Aurumque, for chorus

Eric Whitacre composed his Nox aurumque Night and gold as a companion piece to his earlier Lux aurumque Light and gold. No doubt there will be quibblers who will question the choices I have made.

Aurum, Canens alarum, Canens umbrarum. Some years later, he decided to write a companion aurumqus and apparently went even further into sonic determinism. You are too heavy to carry, Too heavy for flight.

I had to settle at times for some Latin that strayed from what Cicero might have written, but which stayed certainly within the somewhat looser realm of Medieval usage. The composer writes in the printed score: Drinking Hanging Out In Love.