Ernest Francisco Fenollosa was an art historian, professor of philosophy and political economy, and curator of Asian art. He was the son of Manuel Fenollosa, . English: Ernest Francisco Fenollosa (February 18, – September 21, ) was an American professor of philosophy and political. This essay was practically finished by the late Ernest Fenollosa; I have done little more than remove a few repetitions and shape a few sentences. We have.

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Whereupon many curious things happen. He took what he learned from Fenollosa and the work of Hokusai—his ukiyo-e woodcuts—and began creating woodblock prints that incorporated both Eastern and Western aesthetics. Charles Dickens, Erest novelist, generally considered the greatest of the Victorian era.

In “The Unwobbling Pivot” a certain amount of this analysis continues, but in the “Analects” it is barely discernible. In the third place, the first and second lines show a word to word parallelism or contrast, so that the grammatical structure of both is identical. A transitive sentence, –actor, action, receiver–“brings language close to thingsand in its strong reliance on verbs it erects all speech into a kind of dramatic poetry.

Fenollosa, Pound and the Chinese Character

Since the number of primitives is small, it follows that most Chinese characters appear as composites. Cathay by Ezra Pound, Now fenollosq is considerable physical difference between a ‘tennis court’ and the ‘Supreme Court’, although we get along in English with one word for both.

An answer to this question is of interest to all who study Chinese, whether for finding their own pleasure therein, or for giving pleasure to others through translation. In the first place, the words are arranged in four lines of five syllables, each line rrnest complete.

Views Read Edit View history. Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of After eight years at the University, he helped found the Tokyo School of Fine Arts and the Tokyo Imperial Museumand ednest acted as its director in If it is found to have parts of speech, then the fact that these arose at some remote period by differentiation from a single class of verbs is quite irrelevant. The Chinese unit of writing is a “graph” or “character.


If this was a new principle in Fenollosa’s time, he must be given credit for its forceful presentation, but it is hard to see why it was necessary to shore it up with questionable Chinese props.

And a poem of the eighth century A. Perhaps the supreme irony is the fact that we have no real knowledge of precisely how a T’ang poet, for example, committed his poem to paper. Pound is not a professional student of the Chinese language, like Legge, Giles, Waley, Karlgren, and others who have tried their hand fenoollosa translating the Book of Odes into English.

And this despite the best efforts of the players to twist meanings to that end, an enthusiasm that has led in many cases to misreading or misinterpretation, as shown in the following notes:.

Orson Welles, American motion-picture actor, director, producer, and writer. It is not the purpose of this article to teach Chinese, and it may seem to the reader that we have already become too technical. At a Harvard lecture ofBenjamin Elman refers to the Epochs of the Chinese and Japanese Art where Fenollosa compares “degeneration” of the late imperial Chinese art to that which befell the high antique art of Europe in Byzantium “the poorest of the Byzantine mosaics”; “the only hope for the hopeless is to perceive itself to be hopeless”.

Why should the poet choose the one instead of the other? Similarly in Chinese the word dieng came to mean both an open court in someone’s front yard, and the court of the king, which was presumably enclosed. The English words in capitals, except for two mistakes, are dictionary definitions, while below them are the analyses that should in theory produce the definitions.


It is more than likely that they were unknown to the Chinese poet himself, who used the characters as arbitrary symbols for the words of his poem.

I always attribute the images that I fenolloxa in my blog; if you are going to copy them, please do so as well.

Fenollosa characteristically shifts position fehollosa soon as he has taken it. Japanese, and some other languages, can behave differently because they have “little tags and word-endings.

This tonal opposition appears also between the third and fourth lines. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Thank you for your feedback. Either the thought of “winging past” failed to materialize, or it was found impossible to work it into the context. We do not suggest that these rigid fenoollosa are ideal for the creation of poetry, but merely that such conditions were generally imposed on the T’ang poet. The second is theirs: So “the form of the Chinese transitive sentence, and of the English, exactly corresponds to this universal form of action in nature.

Ernest Fenollosa, Ezra Pound, Chinese

Soon thereafter he met Ernest Fenollosa q. The question whether at any particular period, say the period of T’ang feenollosa, written Chinese has or has not parts of speech is one to be settled by a descriptive process.

Contrariwise, their functions complement — the one to create, the other to record.