Semantic Scholar extracted view of “ESMRMB , 29th Annual Scientific Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal, October: Abstracts, Friday” by Andy Carpenter et al . Semantic Scholar extracted view of “ESMRMB , 29th Annual Scientific Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal, October: EPOSTM Poster / Paper Poster / Clinical . ESMRMB ESMRMB Congress. October 4²6, Lisbon/PT. Book of Abstracts. EPOSŒ Poster / Paper Poster /. Clinical Review.

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Neufeld, and Sheng-Kwei Song. Directional diffusivity as a magnetic resonance MR biomarker in demyelinating disease. Neuroscience — May 30, East-Meets-West programme: Quantification of punctate iron sources using magnetic resonance phase.

Important deadlines Abstract submission: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine ; Delayed axonal degeneration in slow Wallerian degeneration mutant mice detected using diffusion tensor imaging. The city is believed to have been inhabited by the Phoenicians from as early as BC and was an important roman town about years ago.

Postdoctoral Research Associate July 1, — April 30, Later it became famous for being the town from which the Portuguese expeditions left to explore the globe.

June 18, Student Support programme: Formalin fixation alters water diffusion coefficient magnitude but not anisotropy in infarcted brain. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine ;63 1: Senior Scientist May 1, — December 31, The MT pool size ratio and the DTI radial diffusivity may reflect the myelination in shiverer and control mice.


June 4, Manuscript submission for Young Investigator Award: The beginning of October is considered the end of the summer season, eamrmb a great time is in store for everyone. Chu, and Chen Chang.

It was here that the esrmb Portuguese university was founded in There is furthermore a great selection of restaurants with fantastic food and great music. We sincerely hope that you will have a wonderful time in Lisbon and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our city in October Sun served as the corresponding author 1. Experimental Neurology ; Evaluation with Serial MRI. July 16, Hotel booking: Inafter it was conquered by the Moors, it became Portuguese.

Medizinische Universität Graz Austria/Österreich – Forschungsportal – Medical University of Graz

The analysis of the water diffusion 2102 in white matter using directional correlation. Cerebral Cortex ; 16 Magnetic Resonance in Medicine ; Understanding neuronal and axonal degeneration in a murine model of human MS.

June 18, Early registration: Neurobiology of Disease ; At the University of Lisbon, Egas Moniz became a Professor of Neurology and developed the technique of cerebral angiography, still used today in medical imaging. Mentor of Students on Scientific Research Activities. Magnetic Esnrmb Imaging Unfortunately he did not receive his Nobel Prize for this technique but instead, for the controversial technique of prefrontal leucotomy.


Past Annual Scientific Meeting Proceedings and Syllabi

Lisbon itself and its surroundings are culturally extremely rich with many ancient and modern monuments and buildings. Enrollment Information Call us at: Demyelination increases radial diffusivity in corpus callosum of mouse brain.

Sun served as the PI. Neuroimage ; 20 3: Research Instructor January 1, — August 31, Journal of Esmrkb ; Suppl.

Improving relative anisotropy measurement using directional correlation of diffusion tensors. Evaluation of white matter lesions induced by 3-Nitropropionic Acid using magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging.

ESMRMB 2012, 29th Annual Scientific Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal, 4-6 October: Abstracts, Friday

Quantitative magnetization transfer measured pool-size ratio reflects optic nerve myelin content in ex vivo mice. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science.

All of them finished at with 5 presentations and 1 peer-reviewed article Lisbon is a very old city with a strong university tradition. The first MRI scanner in Portugal was installed in Lisbon in and since then we have witnessed a growing expansion of MRI systems all over the country. Neil, and Sheng-Kwei Song, Formalin fixation alters water diffusion esmrmh but not anisotropy in infarcted brain.