video. Topic; Voices; Posts; Freshness. |DOWNLOAD| Barycentre exercices corriges 1ere s pdf ~~. Started by: fqalnab in: Driver Link Training. Barycentres., collection d’exercices sur la relation de Chasles et les . Angles orientés, collection d’exercices sur les angles orientés en Première S. OEF Exercices sur les suites, collection d’exercices sur les suites en 1ere et terminale.

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OEF differentiabilitycollection of exercises on the differentiability of functions of one real variable. Parametric composerecognize a parametric curve by the graphs of its coordinate functions. OEF calculationscollection of exercices on calculation fractions, signed numbers.

Quizz matriceselementary questions on matrices. Rankmultfind two matrices whose product is a given matrix. Parametric cuspparametrize a parametric curve so that it has a cusp. Lissajous choicerecognize a Lissajous curve according to its equations, or vice versa.

Linear solversolves your linear systems, including systems with parameters. Popup calculator formsyou can search calculating forms or insert them into your own web pages. OEF powerscollection of exercices on calculation of powers Line choiceexercise: Graphic complex inequalitiesrecognize a region of the complex plane described by 1fre.


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Sigmacomputes sums of series or finite sums of various kinds. OEF trianglescollection of exercises on triangles. Matrix dialogask questions to get information in order to solve problems on matrices. Quizz integrationelementary questions on integration. OEF Varicodecollection of exercises on codes of variable length.

Derivative 1wreask questions to get information in order to compute derivatives.

Coincidence-Polynomialfind a polynomial according to its curve. Complex shootlocate a complex number by clicking on the complex plane. OEF orthogonal distance dxercice, collection of exercises on orthogonal projection and distance. Graphic integralrecognize the graph of the integral of a function. Ray 3Dgenerates raytraced smooth 3D surfaces from parametric equations. Circular drawdraw the circumscribed circle of a triangle, etc. Circuit drawtool for drawing simple electronic circuit schematics.

Data Debatingaudio collection used in an exercise module. OEF derivativescollection of exercises on derivatives of functions of one variable. OEF permutationcollection of exercises on permutation.

Affine fixedfind the fixed point of an affine transformation. Graphic absrecognize the graph of f x from that of f xetc. OEF defining intervalcollection of exercises on the defining interval of a real function.


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Symmetric splitwrite a given matrix as sum of symmetric and antisymmetric matrices. OEF Determinantcollection of exercises on the determinant of a square matrix. Vision 4Dplots hypersurfaces etc. Additive figuresplace numbers in geometric figures according to conditions on sums.

Triangular shootclick on one of the centers of a triangle. Basis choicefind a basis of a vector subspace within given vectors. Inverse Huffman barrycentre, find a distribution of probabilities so that a given code is optimal. OEF eurocollection of exercises on the arithmetic of euro. Bezoutcomputes euclidean division, gcd, lcm, Bezout relation.

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OEF proportionalitycollection of exercises on proportionality. Graphic ODEgraphically recognize solution of a linear ordinary differential equation. Coincidence Freehandfind the best possible approximation of a given curve. Wfindfind baeycentre by letter patterns.