Apocynaceae is a family of flowering plants that includes trees, shrubs, herbs, stem succulents, The former family Asclepiadaceae (now known as Asclepiadoideae) is considered a subfamily of Apocynaceae and contains genera. Les Apocynaceae son una familia de les dicotiledónees qu’inclúi árboles, parrotales, La familia Asclepiadaceae esta agora incluyida na de Apocynaceae. Acerates pringlei Greenm.(2), Asclepias(5), Asclepias albicans S. Watson(2), Asclepias angustifolia Schweigger(5), Asclepias auriculata Kunth(1), Asclepias.

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Several genera are grown as ornamental plantsincluding Amsonia bluestarNerium oleanderVinca periwinkleCarissa Natal plumAllamanda golden trumpetPlumeria frangipaniThevetia fmailia nutMandevilla Savannah flowerand Adenium desert-rose.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Be sure to plant famioia in a good draining potting mix. Plant Systematic and Evolution A revised classification of the Apocynaceae s. Ibogaine -type alkaloids from the roots of genus Tabernathe have been used in traditional African tribal ceremonies as a source of hallucinogens, [ citation needed ] and have been studied with regard to the treatment of drug addiction.

Gonolobus rostratus Vahl Roem.

El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de este anuncio. Don, Cryptostegia grandiflora Roxb. The ovary is usually superiorbicarpellary, and apocarpous, with a common fused style and stigma.

Journal of the Arnold Famila Since the leaves are very long, we find a hanging basket works well, but they will be fine in almost any container. Malme Morrenia variegata Griseb. Oxypetalum humile Morong Hassl.


You can help by adding to it. Ezcurra Tweedia brunonis Hook.

Flora of Baja California. A Flora of New Mexico. On the Asclepiadeae, a natural order of plants separated from the Apocineae of Jussieu. En cuanto especies, las Apocynaceae s.

Otherwise, they are more prone to rot. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Studies in neotropical Apocynaceae: Asclepiasaceae genera are preferred larval host plants for the Queen Asclepiasaceae Danaus gilippus. Finally, ethnopharmacologic and fami,ia uses are also known.

New and interesting milkweeds Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae. These plants are not hardy and should be kept above freezing. Oxypetalum schulzii Malme Oxypetalum solanoides Hook. Se han registrado distribuciones similares para otras familias, como Acanthaceae Daniel,Burseraceae Rzedowski et al. De esta manera, las Apocynaceae s. Vegetation and flora of the Sonoran desert.

Malme Ditassa racemosa Britton Fischeria stellata Vell. Where we stand in ,” Bot. The richest states in terms of taxon diversity are those at the Pacific and Atlantic slopes, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Guerrero and Veracruz being the most prominent. Apocynaceae is a family of flowering plants that includes treesshrubsherbsstem succulentsand vinescommonly known as the dogbane family[1] Greek for “away from dog” since some taxa were used as dog poison.


La familia Asclepiadaceae en México

Metastelmatinae, Oxypetalinae and Gonolobinae. Master science thesis University of Connecticut, Storrs. The fruit is a drupea berrya capsuleor a follicle. Mitostigma barbatum Malme Mitostigma castillonii Lillo ex T.

Pontiroli Melinia bicornuta Griseb. The University of Arizona Press, Tucson. Adenium, Hoya, Pachypodium y Stapelia. Nichols Philibertia gilliesii Hook. A new combination in Thevetia Apocynaceae. Las especies de Apocynaceae s. This section has multiple issues.

Novelties in Cynanchum L.

Alkaloid -producing species like RauvolfiaCatharanthusand Tabernathe are likewise the source of compounds with possible therapeutic ranges, but which have significant associated toxicities if not taken in appropriate doses and in controlled fashion.

Asclepias flava Lillo Asclepias fruticosa L. Morrenia grandiflora Malme Morrenia herzogii Schltr. Failia Goyder y J.

La familia Apocynaceae sensu lato en México: diversidad y distribución

Studies in the Apocynaceae I a critical studies of the Apocynoidea, with special reference to genus Apocynum. Flora de Guerrero Like other succulents, they need to sit for a week or so after being cut or fammilia so the cut portion can “harden” form a type of ‘scab’ over the damaged tissue. Bacigalupo Matelea lilloana T. List of subfamilies and genera of Apocynaceae.