Jun 10, Review of ‘Far From the Madding Gerund’, by Mark Liberman and Geoffrey K Pullum. Mark Liberman and Geoffrey Pullum, Far from the Madding Gerund and Other Dispatches from Language Log (Wilsonville, Oregon: William, James & Co., ). Dec 5, Far from the madding gerund. Edward Skidelsky’s review of George Steiner’s Lessons of the Masters contains this sentence: Unfortunately.

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I look forward to reading your input! May 11, at 1: Pullumpublished in Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 34. But you can’t do that!

Form the cartoon where it shows a bunch of bureaucrats emptying fromm the libraries of the world into a woodchipper-looking Internet machine? Since LL is an informal blog written in an informal tone, the posts are not only enlightening, but amusing and entertaining as well.

This is a good book, it’s just really difficult to read for any length of time before your eyes glaze over and you begin to drool due to cerebral overload. Damn Pullum and his hilarious writing. Language Log is a site where serious professional linguists go to have fun. The selection after that is They are a prophetwhich promotes one of my favorite causes, singular they. A good example, which I was able to draw upon for a recent paper, is the discussion on this blog on how we should see the split infinitive in relation to tge overwhelming increase in usage today.

Bertil rated it really liked it Mar 25, Martha rated it liked it Aug 05, This usually just creates a new lexical item, in this case an adverb “far from”, like the vernacular pseudo-adverb fsr of in “he sort of fulfils the promise”, or the regionalism near to in “I rfom to died” google finds 8 instances of “near to died”.


Another list on writing dos and donts bridgingtheunbridgeable. Interesting and entertaining, at least as a language geek. For more help see the Common Knowledge help page.

Yes, it would appear that he is an utter fraud.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. May 10, at 7: Pullum have collected some of their most insightful and amusing material from Language Log, their popular web site. The theme of the site is grammar and correctness in English.


May 7, at Liberman, Geoffrey Pullum, Arnold Zwicky, Victor Mair and the rest of their crewmates run a generally diverting and welcoming ship, and one that has profitably mined the intersection between “real linguistics” and “the shit that people think is interestingabout language”, often applying one to the other with productive results.

This book does not demand that you clear your head and sit down with furrowed brow for several hours; nothing is more than a few pages long, and technical vocabulary is kept to a minimum. Jun 08, Ron rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is an abomination. May 5, at 4: This is a collection of posts for the language log blog, so maddding can read them online and decide if you would want to read them in book form.

I love linguistics in the global sense; this is more an examination of the nuances of English. Actually, disregard my last comment; I just looked at it again, with the aim of finding examples, and I found that some things I had originally taken as errors were actually my misunderstandings. If you’re feeling generous: And include the entire post on the front page. Because I’m a total nerd, my favorite blog in the world is Language Log http: References to this work on external resources.

Far From the Madding Gerund

Is there such a thing as mind-reading fatigue? This post also includes a usage poll which is trying to assess your attitude to this construction. Hey, Tom, good of you to drop by! What’s odd about Skidelsky’s sentence is that “far from” has no plausible syntactic analysis. In a spirit of full disclosure, I will point out that Languagehat gets five mentions in the book yes, of course the first thing I did was look myself up in the indexincluding a reference to my kadding of Aristotle on blogs, which I hope will now enter the wider world of discourse and become as well known as the burning of the Library of Alexandria to provide fuel for bathhouses.


I gave this to my Mom and she really liked it. May 10, at Please explain how to diagram a sentence.

The whole thing is structurally just an adjective with a PP complement, like “full of promise”, “equal to the challenge”, “hot to the touch”, “ready for use”, and plenty of others. If your preferred feed is Twitter, you can follow languagehat to get links to new posts here as they appear. Pullum from Language Log. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

It is also pretty clear that this lexicalization is not stigmatized or marked as vernacular by those who exhibit it. I did copyediting for several years at the American Chemical Society, whose style manual prescribes putting only stuff that actually belongs inside the quotes inside the quotes, and there are other scientific and technical style manuals with similar rules. In case the reader is one of those whose education has not provided them with this essential skill, here’s a quick lesson:.

Aug 21, Sally rated it liked it Shelves: