Fate Is Remarkable By Betty Neels – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Mills & Boon presents the Betty Neels collection. Timeless tales of heart-warming romance by one of the world’s best-loved romance authors. What would Sarah. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Romance readers around the world were sad to note the passing of Betty Neels in June Her career spanned thirty.

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A most successful evening—it seems that I have a wife who is a first-rate fafe as well as a beautiful woman. She asked about the cottage, which he’d bought right around the time he’d fallen in love with her. They were halfway home when she roused herself to speak.

Fate is Remarkable – Betty Neels – Google Books

There were letters from her mother and father too, and her brother, who had flown over from his regiment in Germany for the wedding and to have a brief glimpse of the bride and groom.

Mr Binns was a brilliant surgeon, but he was a thought too hearty in pronouncing judgment —no one likes being told that some vital organ is in need of repair—and Mr Binns, she suspected, tended to lose sight of the person in the patient. She said rather uncertainly: Perhaps you would come with me, Sarah. Magdalen April 6, at 8: In the end, she went to bed with a book, and read the same page over and over again before she shut it, turned out the light and lay awake listening for Hugo.

View all 14 comments. It will give you an opportunity of wearing one of your pretty dresses Three for a Wedding. They turned into Upper Richmond Road very shortly after, then into Richmond itself and so to the river.


Fate Is Remarkable by Betty Neels – FictionDB

She played well, but with a regrettable lack of attention, for her thoughts were confused and needed sorting out.

He looked up as she went I n and said pleasantly: Mr Ives obviously had no such qualms. Brown was to go home to her redecorated room, Hugo invited Sarah to accompany them. Perhaps it was because of this that she realised, some two hours later, that not only had she helped Hugo to compose an announcement of their engagement, she had also accepted his offer to drive her down to her home when she went on holiday, and what was more, had invited him to stay!

Sarah decided several times during Friday, not to go at all, and indeed, thought about it so much that Mr Bunn, the gynaecologist, had to ask her twice for the instruments he required on more than one occasion— such a rare happening that he wanted to know if she was sickening for something. He was good at his job, though a little slow, but Sarah liked him.

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With the most casual air in the world he strolled across the space between them, bringing Js with him. The thought festered so much that when he was next alone with her, his control slipped and he kissed her, hard.

He cut short dinner meetings simply because the sooner he went to bed the sooner he would hear her voice again. He said gently as though he were talking to a child: She asked in a dogged voice: So, wouldn’t you think Rosemary would go to university and become something unlike the pattern for Betty Neels heroines? neeels


He leaned easily against the door, his hands in his pockets. I’ve only just decided that it’s my favourite and this is after reading it for the second time, after a gap of some years.

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Delightful I loved this story, like I have almost all Betty Neels stories. He love It’s a fantastic book. March 14, Imprint: It was therefore in a mood of relaxed content that she accompanied him into the house, to eat the remwrkable supper Alice had prepared for them, and afterwards to inspect her future home.

There was an elderly fatd there, going bald and stooping. I shall have to visit her when we get back; her own doctor is away ill and I suggested I took her over until he is back again. Surely neither of them would wish to get emotionally involved again for a very remarjable time, but she had not considered what would happen if her feelings for Hugo changed, while his remained the same.

She was right; Mrs Brown was sitting up in bed in a hospital nightie several sizes too large for her, looking very clean, her hair surprisingly white after its washing—a nurse had pinned it up and tied a pink bow in it as well.

A pretty girl at 23, she would be a beautiful woman. He finished what he was writing, closed the folder and said in his rather pedantic English: Brown died a few days later.