A blank 24 hour, 7 day template on a single classic page. Used as an anti- procrastination tool in Dr. Niel Fiore’s The Now Habit. Created using. In The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play, Dr. Neil Fiore writes about a time management tool he. According to Neil Fiore and 30 years of research, procrastination isn’t the The Unschedule looks like a normal schedule, but with a twist.

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LifeClever ;-)How to Unschedule your work and enjoy guilt-free play

Other materials remain the property of their authors and are subject to whatever licenses under which they choose to release them. This post comes at a perfect time for me. Paul Oct 4, This was my first time using the Widget Kit, unchedule source software, or a drawing program, so please bear with me. All rights to those who hold them.

I’m still not sure about the quality of the PDFs. The goal of the Unschedule is guarantee your guilt-free play and legitimize your personal time.

Fiore Unschedule

For more, check out the archives. Oct 4, I have 40 pages left.


January 21, Reply. Reward yourself unschedkle a fun activity after each period of work You deserve it. I hope it works for you in practice.

How to fix it.

Select your preferred way to display the comments and click “Save settings” to activate your changes. Keep starting Forget about finishing. Oct 4, 8: You should follow me on Twitter here. I’ve also been to DIY Planner member flexiblefine’s yahoo group on the topic, and recommend that as well. July 11, Reply. The Unschedule is focused on taking actions to change perceptions of work. In order fioree finish, all you have to do is just keep starting!

A paper punch for every planner you could imagine.

Oct 26, 3: Oct 4, 7: I notice you recommend the book in the right column. Posted on October 4, by Chanpory Rith. Merlin from 43 Folders has some reservations about the Unschedule: Oct 13, 5: Previously committed time such as meals, sleep, meetings Free time, recreation, leisure reading Socializing, lunches, and dinners with friends Health activities like going to the gym Routine events fior as commuting, classes, appointments Do not schedule work on projects.

Always stay with ifore tough spot for another five or ten minutes, trying to come up with a partial solution that you can pursue later. More important, it helps you to legitimize your leisure time.


Instead of scheduling work you have to do, you fill in everything you want to do. Have you looked at Duda? Matthew Oct 4, 8: Do not record the time on your Unschedule if you stop before thirty minutes are up. You have cleared yet another hurdle that Unnschedule might procrastinate about making the schedule work for me.

Now Habit Schedules > Fiore ProductivityFiore Productivity

Oct 22, 1: Related Google Goodies User login Username: When I saw the title I thought this was another ideological zen type of post.

Happy to be of service! January 1, Reply. Navigation Latest images Recent posts. Have you tried Unscheduling your life? Before doing something fun, do thirty minutes of work on your uunschedule Again, guilt-free play is a reward and incentive for quality work. I’ve been looking for a very simple grid like this for time tracking. Schedule at least one full day for fun and small chores.