FMF PQS Study Guides courtesy of CORE SECTIONS Marine Corps History, Rank Structure, and Courtesies · United. fleet marine force pqs Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Fleet Marine Force FMF – Practice Test FMF Quizzes & Trivia FMF Pqs Section – Administrative Fundamentals (in Progress.

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Oqs should discontinue cooling a patient of a sgudy case when the rectal temperature reaches how many degrees Fahrenheit?

Drop the arm to the rear, describing complete circles in a vertical plane parallel to the body. The primary function of this aircraft is “Transportation of equipment and supplies during the ship-to-shore movement of an amphibious assault and during subsequent operations ashore. Magazine removed, the chamber is empty, the slide is forward, and the safety is on.

I will never surrender of my own free will. Amphibious assault transport of troops, equipment and supplies from assault ships and land bases. You may use Deadly Force to “Defend property not involving national security bu inherently dangerous to others.

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Led a combined invasion force of Marines and soldiers that totaled overUnder who’s command did the Marines storm the United States aresenal vuide Harper’s Ferry to put down an attempted slave revolt lead by abolitionist John Brown? Patients whose injuries require immediate life-sustaining measures or are of a moderate nature. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. If I become a prisoner of war, I will keep faith with my fellow prisoners.

An infantry battalion reinforced with artillery, reconnaissance, engineer, armor, assault amphibian units, and other detachments as required. Is based on psychological factors such as needs, desires, guuide impulses that cause a person to act.

We have a rich history as Corpsman, but if you are reading this you should already know that. People may have died “with a pin” but never “for the pin”. Full-thickness injury penetrating into muscle and fatty connective tissues, or even down to the bone.


Patients cmf serious but non-life threatening illnesses or injuries such as moderate blood loss, open or multiple fractures open increases priorityor eye injuries. Is a chronological record of duty assignments and is maintained throughout member’s active and inactive duty career. Select a Match Begin with an outline or chart of the major steps in the operation operational analysis. Is a short, continuous sloping line of low ground, normally wtudy into the side of a ridge or hill.

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It was the greatest number of troops up to that time to operate in the field under Marine command. Patients whose injuries require minor professional treatment that can be doen on an outpatient or ambulatory basis. Start the signal gudie both arms extended sideward, palms forward, and bring palms together in front of the body momentarily.

Is a lightweight, Single shot, breech-loaded, pump action sliding barrelshoulder fired weapon that can be attached to which weapons? This aircraft is the Marine Corps heavy lift helicopter designed from the transportation of material and supplies. If it is necessary to indicate a direction, move in the desired direction at the same time. An informal way to correspond within an activity or between DON activities. Treatment of these casualties would be the detriment of others.

Fleet Marine Force FMF – Practice Test

Re-enlistments are presented first, second, or third when performed in a ceremony? These personnel can be returned to duty in a short period of time. Not everyone can, and that’s ok. I will make every effort to escape and aid others to escape. Is the Marine Corps principle organization for the conduct of all missions across the range of military operations.


For a Marine, commitment and pride in the unit and Corps is generally the basis for combat motivation. Follow the above procedures but do ppqs turn aft and do not salute the National Ensign. Patients whose wounds or injuries would require extensive treatment beyond the immediate medical capabilities.

Patients who are dead or fatally injured. During the Quiz End of Quiz. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:.

These agents produce their effect by interfering with normal transmission of nerve impulses in the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system. An incident has occured or that intelligence has been reveived indicating that some form of terrorist action is imminent. Indicate right or left by moving the appropriate hand up and down.

Joking is fine, blatant disrespect will not be tolerated. The epidermal layer is irritated, reddened, and tingling. Adverse or downgraded fitness and evaluation reports may not be directed as punishment or used as an alternative to the proper disposition of misconduct under the UCMJ. Ideally, the ABCDE steps, ffmf, and transport decision should be completed within how many minutes of your arrival on the scene? Is the unlawful use or threatened use of violence to force or to intimidate governments or societies to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives.

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During the Battle of Chosin Reservior, how many enemy divisions did the Marines smash on their march from Chosin Reservior? Go to My Dashboard.

Cover all metal areas with tape Tape up all loose straps Tape dtudy that could enhance noise The listed steps above are to do what?