Frabato the Magician is the true story of Franz Bardon, adept, teacher, healer, and A story of evil vs. good, Frabato the Magician gives testimony that the love of. Written in the form of a novel, Frabato is the spiritual autobiography of Franz Bardon. Set in Dresden in the early ‘s it chronicles Frabato’s magical battles . Read “Frabato the Magician” by Franz Bardon with Rakuten Kobo. Though cast in the form of a novel, Frabato the Magician is in fact the spiritual autobiography.

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The book has started on chronicling the public life of Bardon, then delves on the deeper meaning of his magical work, and that is, to be able to have a complete and total communion with the Divine.

Cristi Onofrei rated it it was amazing Jun 24, With these few words I have explained to the reader the difference between the philosopher and the sage. All Volumes Illustrated Edition. How to write a great review. The Autobiography of Charles Darwin. Creating Personal Symbols for Success. Bardon died from pancreatitis on 10 July while in the custody of police. This concept is the basis of much of Bardon’s training, which requires developing deficiencies and coming to a proper tetrapolar balance—only then could the initiate progress spiritually.

Ratings and Reviews 0 1 star ratings 0 reviews. Paperbackpages. Practice of Magical Evocation Franz Bardon.


This is only a fragment of a manuscript Bardon was working on but never completed. In magical terms, the book is a practical guide to the proper evocation of and communication with maglcian entities existing in the atmospheric zones surrounding planets, stars, and moon as well as in the earth itself.

Inwhen there was a lack of medical doctors he was given the position of the administrator of a hospital in Opava. You submitted the following rating and review. Also, there occurs a purification of the personality, where the magician should become incapable of wishing harm to his fellow man.


A learned man will be able to say barxon lot about magic, Quaballah, etc. Known to be a powerful magician and healer, Franz Bardon is considered as one of the most important occultists who lived in the 20th century. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks!

Therefore knowledge is mere philosophy, which by itself alone can make a man neither a magician nor a Quabbalist. The Astral exercises focus on systematically cataloging the positive and negative aspects of the self and, later, transforming and purifying the negative aspects into positive. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. The first two works, addressing the first two Tarots, are pre-requisite to understanding and making use of the third work.

The Magus Illustrated Edition. These exercises are aimed at developing body, soul and spirit. Although it seems to be an “impossible” book, Frabato the Magician, indeed is an excellent piece of an occult literature. On the Jews and Their Lies.

Students of his, such as Emil Stejnar, Walter Ogris, Martin Faulks, William Mistele and Rawn Clark consider him to have written the best training programs of any magician of the 20th msgician. He attended the Naturopathic College in Munich, where he graduated in This article needs additional citations for verification. It was a nice diversion. Bardon also posited “electric” and “magnetic” forces, which are used more as terms for the universal active and passive forces, respectively.

To pay tribute to the truth, I should not conceal the fact from the reader that, in actuality, Franz Bardon supplied only the framework for this book.

They were written with the intention of allowing students who wished to practice magic the means to do so if they could not study under a teacher. These are expressed in the positive and negative aspects of the four elements.

Therefore, anyone not sufficiently prepared for this step is herewith warned in time.

Frabato the Magician

Recommended to people that either are in brotherhoods or make research about them. An entertaining and fast read. Though the book lists its author as Bardon, it was badon written by his secretary, Otti Votavova. Set in Dresden, Germanyin the early s, the story describes Frabato’s magical battles with the members of a powerful and dangerous black lodge, his escape from Germany during the final days abrdon the Weimar Republicand the beginning of the spiritual mission which was to culminate in his writing a series of classic books on Hermetic magic.


In The Key to the True KabbalahBardon demonstrates that mysticism of letters and numbers — the “true Kabbalah ” — is a universal teaching of great antiquity and depth [ citation needed ]. For in practice he would get into contact with various powers which he would not be able to control and thus he would mafician in danger of ruining his health.

It is said to be a true story describing incidents that happened while Bardon still worked as a stage magician. He died on July 10,in Brno, Czech Republic. While some elements of the story are based on Bardon’s real life experience, most of the book was written as an occult novel with much embellishment on badon part of Votavova.

The idea is that the True Kabbalah is not a mantic art, as some perceptions of it primarily relating to gematria suggest, but a method of empowering the letters of the alphabet to create magical effects through their combination.

Moody frabati A Life. Written in the form of a novel, Frabato is the spiritual autobiography of Franz Bardon.

Knowledge depends on the development of the intellectual features of the spirit; wisdom, on the other side, necessitates the equable development fdanz all four aspects of the spirit.