Documentation. Spaces . Powered by a free Atlassian Confluence Open Source Project License granted to Evaluate. Welcome to the Sangoma Documentation site for all Sangoma Products. Feel free to browse our content and comment. If you would like to help contribute. We are going to walk through a simple and typical setup of FreePBX. It would be impossible to teach you through a single wiki how to configure.

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Documentaation setting can be changed if calls should be interrupted by pages. If you haven’t created any users, you may simply see the original user you created.

The password cannot documentatoin spaces. Click the Submit button. While on a call, the phone will display a softkey labeled “Xfer” in the lower-left corner area of the display.

Your time condition will only affect call routing if you define it as a destination within another module, such as inbound routes, extensions, IVR, doumentation.

There are many options around how conference rooms work, such as conference room operation, hold music and recording a conference. This softkey allows a quick way to have a conference call with up to two other people. By default, a beep is played when a phone auto-answers a page. The name of the user doesn’t matter. Review your Order Summary. You can add as many directories as you would like.


Check the blue bar at the top of the page to ensure you are using the correct location. If configured, the “Pickup 1” softkey is used to pick up a call parked in parking slot 1. Your list may vary.

It is an alternative to setting up documenntation forwarding above. A t tachments 0 Page History. We try documetnation hard once something becomes part of the project to take on the commitment of maintaining and supporting it and making sure that fgeepbx upgrades of the project will continue to work with the Modules that are part of it.

Choose an automatic backup schedule, if desired.

Everyone in the group would be connected to the call with the ability to listen. Please contact your phone system administrator for the specific documentatiob recordings and associated feature codes set up on your phone system. Most soft phones do not support this.

Enter an initial password digits only. Setup may vary between phone models.

If a user dialsthe linked page group would be notified of the number that was dialed and which user made the call. Development Documentation is critical as well. They are only used for access to the web interface.


Documentation Upgrade – FreePBX

When a call comes into your system from the outside, it will usually arrive along with information about the telephone number that was dialed also known as the “DID” and with the Caller ID of the person who called.

Tip If you are unable to find the city you are looking for, take a look at the list of rate centers to see if your city might be included under a different name. You just pick a phone number and we’ll do the rest! Any number of feepbx groups can be created.

Use the drop-down menus to select the appropriate time zone and then click Submit. Click the Yes button next to “Enabled.

General changes

Define the password for the user. By default, these features will not interrupt normal calls currently in progress. The caller on line 1 will automatically be placed on hold.

Click the Save Model button on the left side of the page when finished.