SUBMACHINE. GUN. A. DO-IT-YOURSELF. SUBMACHINE Gerard Métral. It’s Homemade, 9mm, Lightweight, Durable—and It’ll Never Be on Any Import Ban. [Gerard Metral] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Build your own 9mm, blowback, selective-fire submachine gun that’s as powerful as an. Gerard Metral is the author of The Do-It-Yourself Submachine Gun ( avg rating, 7 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) and The Do-it-Yourself Submachin.

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Full text of “Do It Yourself Submachine Gun Gerard Metral Paladin Press”

Silencer with Rubber Baffles 31 Version Two: R4 Metric Yerard 1: I recommend drilling the carrier and the bolt submaachine in the same operation.

After this, the hooks are hardened and tempered. The paint was suhmachine resistant to the lubricating grease and oil used on the gun. Step 3 Cut the ejection opening with a milling machine. In a noisy environment, such as a big city, most bystanders wouldn’t even be aware that someone had fired. This bath is very aggressive and will destroy solder, silver solder, copper, brass, aluminum, zinc alloys, and organic materials.

The parts are then dispersed in several small workshops where they can be completed without special tools or skilled labor. Sights Drawing through The front and rear sights are both made out of the same basic module.


You must wear pro- tective goggles and keep any bystanders away from the right side of the gun. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Drawing gives the dimensions for a STEM magazine. A wide-mouthed jar should be placed near the tank, provided with a clean cotton swab on the end of a wood dowel. Therefore, you must have a place to wubmachine the guns, without alarming the neighborhood, with an adjacent workshop to make the final corrections. Also available as a Kindle download Just saying.

Insert the bolt assembly In the receiver or a tube jetral the same inner diameter and put the ring on its rear end. For any mechanical system a prototype must be built and tested, and remedies must be found for the inevitable teething troubles. Front and Back Plates Drawing The front and back plates are made out of 5-mm-thick soft steel.

For a heat source, use gas burners. Results of five shots shoulder-fired on semiauto In 10 seconds at a distance of 25 meters. Bend the metal strip with the help of tool 4.

Next locate and drill the four holes with the help of the guiding tool tool 1. In that case, pull the bolt rearward until it falls either through the ejection port or the pistol grip. The gun parts are placed in the tank and boiled for perhaps 15 minutes. The size of the weapon facilitates its use from a car.


April Learn how and when to remove this template message. With a This gun ts easy lo hide, e. You can then cut most of the metal away with a chisel.

The cap will be crushed by the firing pin before the round is fully cham- bered.

Métral submachine gun

The easiest way is to purchase a bar of 34 mm diameter and then cut it to length. The trigger arm can be made out soft steel, as can the trigger itself and the rivets T3.

The selector of the trigger mechanism comes from the Suomi Ml and the bolt security from the Ingram M Also – a FAC holder could only purchase the ammunition if it was on his certificate – and this round 9mm parabellum is only as far as I’m aware chambered in auto or semi-auto pistols and sub-machineguns.

Keep in mind also that any submachine gun recoils during full-auto fire and that subbmachine bullets tend to go to the right and up.