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The University of Queensland. Gadd, Iraq 7 The University of Melbourne Library.

The contention of Yakubovich that the Urartian forms in -aure contain a negative suffix comparable to the Hurrian negative suffix -bur cannot be discussed here getnot length. Be the first to add this to a list. Includes bibliographical references p. Preliminary Report of the Seasons, Jerusalem Help Center Find new research papers in: These 9 locations in All: Neither secular nor theologically-minded historians are yet able to construct a coherent picture of all the went into the Bronze Age collapse of the second millenium B.

Return to Book Page. Elisabeth Rieken — not completely unattested: Neui University of Queensland Library. La Trobe University Library.

The evidence may be summarized by stating that 1 un- ambiguously Hurrian names are very rare, and that 2 they display archaic features with better parallels in the Ur III and Mari periods than in Late Bronze Age sources. The tablet IBoT 2.


Hurrians (Ancient Near East Series) by Gernot Wilhelm

Borchardt Library, Melbourne Bundoora Campus. Even in the parallel phrase Mit. For the latest comments on the topic see Wegner88,and Giorgierif. A few remarks may suffice: These 3 locations burrians New South Wales: Unfortunately the author adopts the erroneous form mentioned in fn.

Trivia About Hurrians Ancient Lists What are lists? Dix ans de traveaux Amurru 1Paris, fn.

The sign IL is absent, instead EL is used not only as el -e-el l. The essive case has a wide variety of functions. The first sentence of the incantation in l. The difficult word tu-un-ni-ni-in could be a modal form jussive. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

University of Western Australia. However an ergative sentence discussed below presumably has a predicate in -ori. Separate different tags with a comma. This is a dry tome but a fair introduction to Hurrian society and history. The cuneiform signs show the late Middle Hittite forms of the first half of the 14th century B.

Unfortunately the comprehension of these paragraphs is impeded by grammatical and lexical difficulties. Following a scribal habit of the Middle Hittite period, the text begins on the upper edge of the tablet.


The Letters,no. There is good inclusion of primary sources but very little summation or concluding. I am grateful to W. Haasfor the ritual use of the gangati-plant.

Uladzislau wilhhelm it as to-read Dec 18, The rest of the tablet contains a Hurrian incantation that is interrupted by three instructions in Hittite addressed to the performer of the ritual.

The important point is that the Hurrian sentence-names place the finite verbal form in the initial position as is the case with Semitic sentence-names, though the normal position of verbal forms in all Hurrian texts including the oldest ones is the final position at least if not topicalized.

The Hurrians

In the context of an incantation, a modal form would be more plausible. PU and WUu are interchangeable: Mentioned by Haas11 n. For attestations see I. Elias marked it as to-read Jan 25, What is the function of -ma- in the nominalized verbal forms certainly not negative?

Wegner argued for an Old Babylonian version as the source of the Hurrian one.